Sunday, September 2, 2012


There are just so many picturesque small Communities within a one hour drive of St. John’s that you simply wouldn’t get to see them all.  Holyrood is one of those and is very close so I take the bike through there often for a wee ride.

The Boardwalk is one of my favourite places to stop.

On one side of the road is the mighty Atlantic Ocean……..


On the other side is this beautiful little water feature.


Byron asked in the comments section of my last post:

“I tried to call you a couple of times with no luck to see how your finger is doing....FOLKS, I squatted her finger steel on steel and had a nasty cut there, I hope it's feeling better and healing fast!”

Well Folks he really did a number on my poor finger !!  He was helping me put in my extended ramps and I was on the other end lining them up when my finger got in between the end of the ramp and the door.  OUCH !!!  Man oh Man did it hurt – and BLEED !

This is what it looked like about A WEEK AFTER the incident.  The wound is pretty much healed now but the finger is still very sore.  The jamming got me right in the knuckle part.


I’ve also been enjoying spending time with my Niece’s son – that makes him my great-nephew ??  He is so adorable and oh soooo smart !  He loves coming to visit and ‘working’ with Aunt Denise.  And a great little helper he is.


Every day he wants me to take the rig out so we can go on ‘vacation’.  Well as you all know pulling the rig out doesn’t happen in a second.  But there was one occasion whereby I had to take the rig to a mechanic and he was THRILLED he was allowed to go.  Apparently on this adventure we went to Florida and Cuba !!


So that’s it for my mini update.  I know I’m still very much behind with Blogs to post.


  1. Glad to hear you finger is doing much better, I thought you were upset with me!! LOL! A little ride in the big rig for a wee lad would seem to be a big deal for sure....nice to have a little helper around! Chat soon.....


  2. I can see why you love to stop there. It looks gorgeous. Ugh on the finger. That certainly doesn't look good.

  3. What a cutie! Bet he'll remember those rides his whole life.

  4. Got my wifi back and I'm so excited. That finger really looks icky and sore. Glad to see you can still ride with it. And a beautiful ride it was. What a wonderful day. And Florida and Cuba - you really do cover the territory. Hope he had his passport ready. Such a fun time for him.

  5. Your great-nephew is so cute - it's obvious from his face he's in seventh heaven. You should show him this post so he'll know he's famous, too.

    Ouch on the finger! Looks bad even now. I'll bet it hurt like crazy. :(

  6. Great post! Joshua looks so grown up in these pics:) He had such a great summer:) He really enjoyed the time he spent with you!! xo