Thursday, August 9, 2012


A Cousin of mine (who lives just across the road from my Mom’s house) had just bought a Summer home out around ‘da Bay so I wanted to see it.  The Community is called Heart’s Delight – with it’s neighbouring Communities called Heart’s Desire and Heart’s Content.  I kid you not !!  Newfoundland is quite unique with coming up with names for the various Communities.

What a gorgeous little house they now have to retreat to.  And of course the small back deck faces directly towards the Ocean.  They love it and so do I.


While there Bennie and I took a little run on the bike to check out the scenery.



Right across the road from my Cousin’s Summer place is this house that I just fell in love with.


It is also a Summer place for the Owners who clearly have a flair for colour co-coordinating.  They have set up several different seating areas around the house – each with it’s own beautiful colour scheme.


Yes, Even their shed !


Unfortunately the day I chose to take these pics it was raining so they were taken from inside my rig.


And then there was the time I filled Bennie’s treat container and put the box they came in in Mom’s garage for recycling.  I look out into the garage and this is what I see……..

01 - Copy

02 - Copy


  1. Bennie - you're just too funny. Glad Mom found you. I love both those summer houses. I'd take either one of them.

  2. Did it look like I was in that bag? Ha! Ha! Ha! Nope, I don't even like bags.

    Those houses are both very sweet.

  3. I love the houses! we are going to make a trip up north next year and we want to eventually make it up to Newfoundland. What month is the best for travel up there? It's good to see Bennie is still keeping you entertained.

    1. Harriet, I'd say July would be the best month. Always risky here (weather wise) even in the Summer

  4. Missed yr adventures! Glad u are back.. Love those little houses! Look's like a nice place moochdocking at Mom's!!

  5. Great little houses - wouldn't you love to own one? Bennie! Stay out of plastic bags, you little monkey! :)

  6. I love the little houses. They are just darling. Of course, they happen to be in a perfect location too!

  7. So glad to see you back bloging. Missed you and Benny, you know Bennny looks like my Charlie as he is also a maltese.Love those cotteges. Hope you will be able to make your trip back to the south again this winter.

    love those cottages

  8. Welcome back. now get your ar-- off the rock and make your way out west.

  9. Replies
    1. wish I could. however, would love to have you in Az with us.

  10. Denise,

    I am so glad you are up and at em again. We missed you out here.
    Lisa and Lori
    L&L RV Resort