Tuesday, August 7, 2012


You fall into that old black hole – you don’t feel like blogging – and next thing you know it’s been over two months !!  Me Nerves !

It’s been a challenging time no doubt and I want to thank everyone for their comments on my Blog and your e-mails.

Things continue to be up and down here but I have been riding my bike and getting out of town on a couple of occasions.  That helps.

And thankfully we are actually having a Summer here – the weather has been great !

I’ve had several, very large, unexpected expenses hit me.  The most recent is a $3,000 Special Assessment the Condo Board IDIOTS have placed on each Owner in order to do some very long overdue repairs to the Buildings.  I had hoped to have this Summer to re-coup what it cost me to drive back here from Arizona and start putting aside some money for the trip back to Arizona in the Fall.  That’s not looking likely right now.

I’m now so far behind with the blogging I don’t know where to start.  Start from today and work backwards ?  Start from where I left off and try to catch up ?

I’ll start by showing you the set-up I have when I’m parked in my Mother’s driveway….




And a few ‘feeds’ I’ve had……….



Me Mudder cooking the caplin – she’d have a FIT if she knew I posted a pic of her on here !!  LOL


HASH – Nothing is wasted in Mom’s house and I love left-overs..




JIGS DINNER – Complete with Mom’s home-made beet and of course mustard pickles !

050 (800x600)

After a few weeks in the driveway it’s time for me to get away for awhile.  I spent a few days in the beautiful little community of Cupids.  Waterfront property isn’t hard to come by when you live on an Island.  And there’s lots of boondocking spots once you head “out around ‘da Bay”.  That is considered (by us Townies) anywhere outside of the City of St. John’s.


While in Cupids I parked right on the Wharf. 


And here are some pics of my view…






There was even a little Parade while I was there as it was Canada Day…….


I’m out around ‘da Bay again right now where the Internet access is painfully slow.  Actually where I’m parked it’s non-existent.  So I’ll have to take a little scoot somewhere to try and get this Blog published.

Hopefully it won’t be another two months before I Blog again.


  1. OMG - I was so excited to see you pop up on my blogroll! Sounds like life is good (except for the !!@#! HOA assessment). Looks like you live in a beautiful area, and your wharfside view is gorgeous! Your mom is very young looking and obviously a very good cook. The fish looks great.

    That $3,000 assessment is one of the reasons I wanted out of my condo ASAP. Regular maintenance and repairs were so neglected by my HOA, I'm surprised we weren't slapped with a huge assessment before I sold it. I'm sorry that happened to you. Someone wasn't doing their job, which is a bummer for everyone. I hope you'll still be able to come to Arizona this winter.

    Look forward to seeing more of you and Bennie! :)

  2. Gosh it's sooooo good to see you again!

  3. Sooooo glad to see you pop up again. But I sure wish the finances were better for you. Been a lousy year for us with medical bills and I'm sure grateful our trip to AZ won't be millions of dollars in fuel. I'm still hoping you get to AZ this year though.

  4. Glad to see you back. We've had similar blogging challenges due to a lack of internet connectivity! Looks lovely there as does your mom!

  5. Been wondering how you are (and meaning to email you). Glad you are OK and Bennie too!

  6. Welcome back! Your return warrants an updated header. I'll get on that.

    Yours truly,


  7. So good to hear from you! How's Bennie?

  8. Heh Denise---so glad to see you finally made contact----was beginning to think you jumped off "THE ROCK". Looks like your Mom spoils you---cooking all those meals---not hard to see where you get your good looks----a chip off the old block as they say !!!!!!
    Hope you can touch base more often---Lovely photos---keep them coming.
    Thunderstorms tonight in Vancouver---breaking the "heat wave" we've had the last few days. Take care, Lynn.

  9. Good to see ya back here! Been wondering about ya all along.
    I was gonna say seems you guys have real trees up there, but then I saw they just grow down in the bottom of the valley. Soon as you get up from there there's just rocks. Guess that's why they call NF "Da Rock", right?
    Anyway we gonna make some changes with our Rv'ing as well, less driving, more hanging around, maybe a travel trailer for storage in the south, get rid of the big MH. Prices are just gonna go up, Denise!

  10. Glad you're back. Hang in there, this too shall pass.

  11. Ah! The word from Da Rock! Awesome. Some of that food your Ma was making looked pretty darned good. (Well, maybe it's was some of yours as well, not sure)
    I haven't had mustard pickles since I can't remember.
    We have to get to NL one of these fine days. Of course, we have to get back to Canada first, but that'll come I suppose.
    Sucks about the Condo assessment. Living anywhere half decent seems to cost an arm and a leg. Hopefully they'll put the money to decent use. The silly buggers.

  12. Great meeting you Sassy....you are certainly an inspiration to me - chucking it all in here in little old Newfoundland and hitting the road. I hope that one day, I too will have the nerve to get out there and see the world as you are doing.
    Hope to see you again before you head back!!!!
    Great photos of NL - maybe this will entice your fellow travelers to come & visit the Rock - the best kept secret - especially this summer with the beautiful weather!

    XO to Bennie who was such a great sport on the ride!

    I am racking my brains to come up with a biker name....any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


    1. Great meeting you also Lorna ! I'll put my brainiac cap on to see if I can come up with an appropriate 'biker' name for you !!