Friday, May 25, 2012


Port Dover is a very pretty little town right on Lake Erie.  But what it is most known for is when tens of thousands of motorcycle riders descend on this little town every Friday the 13th.  Some years there are as many as three Fridays that are on the 13th of the Month.

2012 there are three - January 13, 2012  --  April 13, 2012  --  July 13, 2012.

I bet the July 13th one will be insane.  Byron said that there’s a back-up of traffic for miles and miles on the morning of this event with riders trying to get into Town.

A few excerpts that I found on the Internet:

“The Friday the 13th tradition started in 1981.”

“Against the backdrop, Chris Simons and approximately 25 friends, through word of mouth, got together at the Commercial Hotel {The Zoo}, now known as Angelos of Dover. It was in November and it was Friday the 13th. They had such a good time they decided they should do it every Friday the 13th. And so the tradition was born.”

I have heard of this ‘event’ for years now and there’s lots about it on the Internet.  Where I am staying is only 78KMS/49MILES from there so what an opportunity for a little run.  My Friend Byron was coming to meet up with me and brought along two of his friends.  All three of these guys have been there many, many times in the past.  This would be my first time.

This website tells more about it and has lots of pics that shown all the streets lined with bikes……

There’s a first time for everything !!  I forgot to put Bennie’s leash in my saddlebags !!  One of the guys suggested using bungee cords (something I always have in the bags) and that worked.


First stop was a T-Shirt place as Byron didn’t get one for his April 13th visit here.  I cheaped out and bought one from last years event as it was on sale for $10.00.



Bennie patiently waiting while the MEN were in shopping.


This was a huge billboard on the side of a building.


A stop for coffee, sitting at a picnic table right by the water.  Some really bad ass bikers I was riding with that day huh !!  Especially that guy on the left with that gawd awful ugly beard !!  LOL





‘Da bys are heading somewhere ?  Looks like they are on a mission !!??


Me?  Well I’m just strolling along behind them taking pictures and making sure Bennie’s bungee cord leash doesn’t come off.


WHAT !!  What is this I see ??  A Harley Davidson store .  Yeeee Hawww !!


Where I found some new stickers I didn’t have !!


LOVED the sayings on these little stickers.  In case you can’t see the lettering on the pics, they say:

CLASSY not SASSY …..Well maybe a little

HOP ON is NOT part of my vocabulary

A woman’s Place is on a HARLEY


Thanks…..but I’ll Drive

Good Girl with a Harley Problem



Riding back home – Byron leading the pack….


Rick and Julio taking up the rear – and taking care of me !!


It was a picture perfect day weather wise – couldn’t ask for better !!


One of the guys took a picture of Bennie while we were stopped.

photo - Copy

A gas stop where we said our good-byes as we would be getting on the Highway now and going in different directions.


21 - Copy

Thanks Byron, Rick and Julio for letting me tag along on your ride !


  1. Looks like an awesome day! I should have the "Thanks but I'll drive" sticker for our truck. Love it!

  2. So, I figure you'd rather have a Harley than a diamond? Why does everything think women really want diamonds? Give Bennie a pet for us and Duchess just barked her "hello".

  3. D...I hope the fellows took you over to THE ARBOR HOT DOG joint it was just up the street from where you are sitting,,,,its more famous than FRIDAy the 13TH...


  4. Sassy, it was our pleasure to escort you and Bennie to Port Dover, sure is a nice spot!! Rick and Julio had a great time and really enjoyed Bennie, to say the least!! LOL! I'm really happy you met two of my riding buddies.
    Safe travels to the east and we'll chat soon!!


  5. Al & I have been to Port Dover twice on the bike.... it really is something to experience. The rumbling noise is very impressive.
    One of my shirts says " The boys are back in town "
    It sure helps keep that town going.