Tuesday, May 1, 2012




Yesterday morning I think everybody’s hand would be raised in my home town in Newfoundland when they woke up to this !! These are ‘real’ photos I took off the weather website.



They did have an unusually warm month of April – as my Mother would laugh at me ‘cause the temps there were warmer than I am experiencing here in Ontario.

But clearly Mother Nature had the last laugh !

Yesterday my friend Bob came to visit and took me out to lunch and we tootled around various stores in Barrie.  Sure was a nice way to kill a couple of hours.

I ‘met’ Bob on one of the RV Websites – he is Canadian, travelling South for the Winter AND a fellow Rider.  And sure enough, not this past Winter but the Winter before we met up in Arizona and went on a COUPLE OF GREAT RIDES.  He only lives about 1/2 hour from where I am now.

You get to meet some great Folks while on the road – but in most cases you’ll likely never see them again.  In this case, It was really nice re-connecting with Bob again.


After lunch we browsed around Canadian Tire; Princess Auto etc. etc.  Then we went to McDonalds to take advantage of their free Wi-Fi so I could show Bob a few things regarding his Blog.  Bob is embarking on a motorcycle ride to Alaska and then South America.  Personally I think he’s NUTS – certainly something I could not do nor would I want to.  Check out Bob’s Blog HERE.

Spoke with Jenn, The Body Shop Manager, when I got home and she said she feels my rig will be ready TOMORROW !!!  OMG I can’t wait !!

I’m VERY GRATEFUL to THE HITCH HOUSE for letting me stay here onsite in one of their older rigs that they have for sale – however, I sure will be glad to get back into my own.

I’ve been sleeping on the coach and not getting a good night’s sleep at all.  The bed is worse.  AND poor Bennie has to sleep in his own bed at night ‘cause there just isn’t enough room on this teenie couch.


Today is supposed to get up to 15C/59F although you’d never say it if you looked outside now (9:00AM).  It’s only 5C/41F, overcast and foggy.  If it doesn’t rain I’ll get out on the bike for sure !!


Cross fingers that my next Blog Post will be from the comforts of my own home.


  1. Love your doggie picture! Can't believe all that snow. Maybe Mother Nature is a little confused right now about the seasons.

  2. Um ya. I know a fellow who moved to Pasadena last year.
    But not the one in California. He's on the Rock.
    Haven't heard exactly WHY he chose to do that, but that's where he is.
    I wouldn't be in any great hurry to get there at this time of year.
    Not that I'm any kind of great prognosticator or anything, but that whole Weather Network program doesn't tell any lies.

    Hope your rig is ready tomorrow.

  3. That looks like my Skitz and she wants to send you a great big hug. And all fingers and toes crossed for you and Bennie to be home tomorrow!!!

  4. Heh Denise----you sure have been making good use of your down time---catching up with old friends for visits & food.

    You sure don't want to be on THE ROCK right now---winter just won't give up back there.

    You'll soon be back into the Hulk---better than brand new. Looks like you picked a great place to have the work done---dedicated good workers.

    Take care, enjoy being back in your own bed !!!!!!

    Lynn. Vancouver.( Cool, mix of sun & cloud here---more rain on the way !!!!! What else is new ???? )

  5. We are crossing fingers that your rig is getting done tomorrow. One way or the other you will be on the road again before the weekend. Knowing you a bit you will probably require another month of travelling before you'll enter the Maritimes again. That snow in NL is AWFUL. Man, how is that possible, and soooo much of it. We got off with a bit of cold rain, that was all. Be safe!