Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Late this morning I saw my rig being brought out from the back.
Sitting there waiting to get washed – AND they also wipe down the surfaces inside !!
As you can see from the sky, it was a nice day – and even warm !!
First time in ages Bennie was able to lay around outside – he liked that….
I was just getting ready to go for a little run on the bike so off I went as I figured it would still be awhile before the rig would be brought over to me.
And it was later in the afternoon before that happened.  I immediately started taking things out of the ‘old’ rig.
First thing I noticed though was this awful SMELL in my rig.  I thought perhaps it must have been from the painting ?
Well as soon as I opened the fridge door I found the source of the smell.
Yup, That’s MOLD Folks !  And NO it wasn’t like that before !!  LOL
Opening the freezer compartment revealed more…
The freezer obviously had thawed completely out and one (or more) of the bags that I had packaged leaked.  STINK STINK STINK
So instead of getting myself re-organized I immediately had to get some boiling water going and get this cleaned.
Jenn had told me they would keep the rig plugged in for as long as possible but when it went in for the painting they would have to up-plug it.  Now you seasoned RV’ers out there are asking why the fridge didn’t automatically switch over to gas ?  Well sometimes when I switch from electric the light on the fridge flashes telling me it didn’t automatically switch over.  All I have to do is flick the switch back and forth and then it’s ok.
Needless to say I threw away everything in the freezer.
We ended this lovely day with a heavy downpour of rain mixed with a bit of thunder for good measure.  Bennie was not impressed.
I get to sleep in my own bed tonight !!  YIPPEEEE !!


  1. Need to wipe it out with baking soda too and put an opened box of it inside too. I have also heard that a couple of charcoal briquettes will get a bad smell out too. Hope it was fairly empty.

  2. She sure does look pertty. Hopefully most of the smell was gone so you could sleep okay.

  3. OH! YUCK! When I had my RV worked on, I emptied my fridge & freezer before I took it in. I knew my battery could not hold up all that time for the fridge panel & the RV repairs. I know that smell well after being hit by a hurricane & not being able to get back to my house (back then) for several days. With no power in the house, the fridge was just plain nasty!

  4. Sucks about the fridge situation, but it happens. I used to have that slight "issue" with the fridge not quite wanting to fire up on gas. Just a minor annoyance, but takes some vigilance.
    I had the mould once when our daughter used the motorhome and forgot to leave the door to the fridge OPEN when she was done. Doesn't take much to start growing things. That was a pain.
    Plus, I'm not sure it would be all that cool to have anything firing up on gas in the paint booth? That stuff is kinda touchy that way. I'd be surprised if they hadn't shut the gas off completely? Just wondering.
    It's always nice to be sleeping in your own bed though, even if it took a bit of work.
    Say "hi" to Hamilton. Haven't been there in a few years, except maybe passing by on the Skyway Bridge. You can wave as you go by Burlington as well. I'd offer our driveway for a night of "moochdocking", but I don't think you'd fit!

  5. D....they likely shut the gas off as it would be a dangerous situation spraying paint near an ignition a no no

  6. Ouch, I know that smell! Hopefully it clears oiut quickly. The rig looks great, soon enough you'll have it smelling as good as it looks. ;)


  7. OMG! Gag! I sure hope you get the smell out faster than quick! I use white vinegar to clean the fridge.
    Agree with Bob on the complete shut down of the gas. Paint fumes are highly explosive!
    Bennie looks so white! (I know he was at the groomers.)
    And what a change in the weather!
    Good that you have your rig back again.

  8. Crumpled newspaper will take the smell out of a fridge that is off so maybe it will absorb the smells in one that is on? It might be worth a try.Enjoy being "home" again.

  9. Have you departed the Barrie area?? I'm going up tomorrow to have a look at the RV.