Thursday, May 31, 2012


The drive from Levis, Quebec to Edmundston, New Brunswick was horrible !!  Talk about WASHBOARD roads.  The roads conditions all through Quebec were very bad but that stretch was REALLY bad.  I thought the rig was going to shake apart.  Even the little drawer I have under the dinette table shimmied out and went crashing on the floor.

It sure wasn’t relaxed or comfortable driving.  However, Bennie wasn’t fazed !!


Sure was glad to see that New Brunswick sign – even though it was in French !!  Grrrrr


We settled in for the night at Wally’s, Edmundston, New Brunswick.  If I had a video of the following picture you would hear Bennie SNORING.  Man Oh Man, Does that little dog snore !  LOL



The farther East I go the colder it is getting.  Out comes the sweaters !!

Have even needed the heat on in the rig for the last two days while driving and definitely during the evenings.

Tonight finds me in Moncton, New Brunswick.  It was supposed to find me in Fredericton, New Brunswick but when I pulled in to the Wally’s in Fredericton all I saw were signs NO OVERNIGHT PARKING !!! Hmmmm,  There will be NO Christmas Bonus for a certain EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT !!!

But that was OK because it was very early in the day.  I had a snack, a delicious TWO HOUR nap, then made dinner and it was still only 6:00PM.

I had already gone online and saw that there was another Walmart in Fredericton and called to verify that they did allow O/N parking.  But then I figured if I had to pull in the slides, etc. to drive just a few KMS – well why not just get back on the road and drive to Moncton – which was only another 173 KMS/107 Miles.  And that’s what I did.

Tomorrow I’m not moving !!  I will spend the day doing chores – laundry – hair cut – get propane – oil change for the rig etc.  I’ll come back here for the night and get back on the road on Saturday.


  1. I hate trying to drive through any big city. I was so glad to get out of Phoenix without any problems. The only other city we have to face is Salt Lake City. And we'll just get on the Interstate and stay there til we're past. I'm so sorry you have to put on sweaters. I'm afraid that's what is going to happen to us as we get further north. Be safe.

  2. That picture of Bennie in the front seat floor looks like the poor guy bounced right out of his bed.

  3. I had the same thought as longdog2. It looks like poor Bennie bounced right out of bed LOL

  4. Denise, you relly made miles or kms! We have avoided QUE for all it is worth. I have been there once for delivery of a trailer. NEVER again, I can promise you that. You must be excited to get home now, being that close and after such a long time of being "on 'Da Road". Bennie is looking cute!

  5. Naps certainly do wonders in making you feel better. I'm glad you're close. Soon you'll be turning around and heading south again!!

  6. So funny the way Bennie lays half out of his bed. Katie does the same thing.

  7. D''' you are getting close to home...I am near Palmer Alaska, having my second bud light waiting for the sun to set....Last night I tried to stay up but after 12pm and still the sun was lighting up my northern lights for me.
    Take Care

  8. Hey just a moment,

    I'm one quebecer... and I can tell you that... it is way better than 50 years ago :) when we didn't have those high taxes haha

    Love new-Brunswick road, I don't know how they afford it but I think we (the quebecers) shoud import some of their pavement!

    For futur reference, how are the road on the rock?