Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I thought all of the gas stations in Canada had taken out that thingie whereby you could latch it to keep it open.  But I pulled into one the other day that still had it.  Yes, I know – it’s the small things that excite me !!  LOL


I didn’t even have to use my nail clippers, like I have it the past.  But they are always handy just in case.  Filling up a rig this size mean having to hold that handle for a L-O-N-G time and my poor little hand gets tired.


Another thing that pleased me was seeing a Flying J’s !!  I didn’t realize we had them in Canada – or else it is another one of the MANY things that I have forgotten.  Oh, ‘Da old memory ain’t what she used to be.



Obviously Flying J’s is buying out our Shell Stations.


Most of you know that I have a very FANCY SMANCHY GPS System…


Well today’s route involved an even much FANCIER one ‘cause there were so many twist and turns and left and rights and Exits etc. that I felt it best to print it out..


You see I HATE driving through Quebec.  Even though it is a CANADIAN Province, even single sign is in French.  NO – NOT English and French – just bloody French !!

And the worst of all worst Cities to drive through is Montreal.  I fear it and dread it with a passion.  In the past 1 1/2 years of travel I’ve driven through a lot of major cities – yet driving through Montreal still ranks NUMBER ONE as being the most awful.  You see Quebec drivers are NOT polite at all and they drive like maniacs !

So I was hell bent on finding a route to avoid having to go through Montreal.  And once again my EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT came to the rescue !  This route was the one above with my fancy, typed GPS.  It was a very slow route, going through many small towns and LOTS of construction.  It took me 3 1/2 hours to drive 140 miles !

Another thing I had to do was print out the MPH to KPH conversion.  My speedometer shows MPH in the larger white letters with the KPH below in much smaller red letters that I cannot see at all.  I was constantly trying to figure out if I was going under or over the posted speed limit.


And of course my precious little Bennie is always there, front and centre, being helpful !


Tonight I’m at Wally’s just outside of Quebec City, Quebec and look at what was the first thing my eagle eyes spotted !!


And a whole row of them along where I was parked.


Being the curious type that I am, I pulled out my little tester thingie and sure enough there was power !!


Even though I got excited at the prospect of POWER, I had to remind myself that I don’t need it !!  Since getting my Solar this past Winter it has been such a wonderful thing not having to worry about batteries being charged or not.  So I didn’t even bother to plug in !!  Imagine that !!

Tomorrow will find me somewhere in New Brunswick with Quebec behind me and good riddance to that horrible place I say !


  1. I've been to Quebec City and Montreal a few times and loved it. As for the signs being in French? Of course they are just the same as our signs in Victoria are in English only.

  2. Hey Sassy,

    I'm catching up with you and Bennie Boy. Just reading about your rig getting hurt - glad it wasn't fatal! I love those gas pump thingies too.

    1. Kim, So GREAT seeing you back in BlogLand.

  3. I love your GPS system...ours is wrong so often, or Eldy says, "I'm not going to go the way it's telling me,.." then why use it in the first place!? Besides, it's WRONG sometimes! Let's try using a map--what a concept!

    1. Gotta say I've gotten lost much LESS since I stopped using my GPS - and that was over 1 1/2 years ago ~~

  4. Heh Denise---you're knocking my home Province!!!!!You made it through so that's the main thing.
    Road construction is always bad---Spring through fall--as no work can get done in the winter.

    Sure hope you missed the rain storm they had & all the flooding.
    It was a snow/hail mix on the Rock yesterday---so you are not out of the woods yet !!!!!!

    Take your time & enjoy the scenery----lots of pretty things to see.

    Take care, Lynn. Vancouver, BC.

  5. Hey Lynn, Sorry about that - but you can knock my home Province anytime !! LOL Wait until my friend Leona reads this Post - she'll give me hell for sure !!

    OH, DON'T read the next Post 'cause I got more awful things to say about my drive through QC. hehehehe

    Mom told me about the FROST they got there. UGH !

  6. Holy cow, that would get me excited, too, and we make more power than we use. Maybe we'd turn on our air conditioner for fun.

  7. Tell it like you see it Denise, I agree with you!! Glad yer makin' good time to the east....


  8. We try to plan some of the big cities on Sundays. There seems to be less traffic then. Either way we hate going through them no matter what day of the week it is. I still love your GPS. You're so high tech!!

  9. When you speak as good french as I speak english, I won't comment on your knocking the french. lol That Newfie tongue sounds kind of weird too. Glad it's not on a sign, we would never know what it means either. lol Say hello to NB for us. Give Bennie a hug.

  10. Other countries with different language bases give you the same culture shock you experienced in Quebeu. Correct me if I am wrong Rick, but don't they consider themselves a seperate country from Canada?

    1. Some in Quebec might like that but they are not a separate country at all having twice voted to reject separation from Canada. Quebec is rather 'unique' or 'distinct' from other provinces but it is Canadian.

    2. They should separate.... commie bastards who don't care about safety of Canadians...

      And don't try tell me its a historic saviour thang either... its a safety thing.

      And flying j pulled out and rebuilt right on the outskirts of Quebec in Ontario close to exit 830 just before qbec.

      The old j is gone.. flat land . . Quebec language police went in and tried to tell them how its supposed to be ... end of story. Good for the j :)

  11. If you don't like crazy drivers, m'dear, don't plan any trips to the greater Chicagoland area! The northern Illinois drivers are the worst I have ever seen. Whenever the light turns red be prepared for at least 3 more cars to tear on through! They also go 10-20 mph over the speed limit consistently, tailgate, and change lanes on a dime without signalling.