Monday, May 7, 2012

DEAL ---- OR ---- NO DEAL

During the course of my travels across the Country I stopped at a ‘few’ Harley Davidson stores. In several of them I saw, displayed on their front counter, this gorgeous HD Lantern. I WANTED IT !!


It was “free” – when you purchased $300 or more !!  Well I wasn’t about to buy $300 of stuff I didn’t need or want.  At one location I even talked with the sales person behind the counter and told her how much I wanted it and couldn’t I just buy it – and NOT spend the $300 ??  She even went to talk with her Manager but the answer was NO.

What do you think was the first thing I saw when I walked into the HD Lounge at Duffy’s RV Park for the first time ?? Yup, The HD Lantern sitting on the table !!!!  I told Jamie & Pat the story.

Pat then got really, really BAD and started TAUNTING me with this gorgeous lantern !!  He teased me by showing the many different lighting features on it – low, high, headlight etc.  He then put it on a bungle hook and hung it from the ceiling of the HD Lounge, twisted it around and around and then let it go.  He called it the “Newfie Disco Ball”.

Now my little Bennie has many toys. But LAST CHRISTMAS Mudder gave Bennie a (very loud) squeaky toy and it has turned out to be his favourite of all favourite toys. Well it is now RIPPED TO SHREDS. Why, you might ask ?? Because little Jenny got ahold of it and DESTROYED it.

Pat, being the fine East Coast man that he is, wanted to make it right.  After all, It was Bennie’s FAVOURITE squeaky toy, a Christmas present, and given to Bennie by none other than Pat’s Mother-In-Law !

He tried offering me (insulting me is more like it !!) with things like the following…




There were many other offers put on the table which I neglected to get pics of.  All of which, after consulting with Mudder of course, we said NO DEAL !

It was getting late into the night (READ: Pat had lots of wine hehehehe) and he was desperate to “MAKE IT RIGHT” because it was HIS DOG that destroyed Bennie’s toy.

Finally an offer came to the table that I simply couldn’t turn down…

D E A L !!


I am now the proud owner of this beautiful HD Lantern !



  1. How cool is that! Here is another cool HD lamp.

    I'm a bad influence!


  2. Erik, That is a nice one. You ARE a BAD influence for sure !! LOL

  3. THAT was a real good story. One of your best! A real evolving narration and the end - ta da! Deal.
    Loved it!

  4. I don't think Bennie is going to have much fun playing with that lantern. lol

  5. Poor Bennie didn't get such a deal. Oh well. I guess free room and board and all the rest of it will have to do. Poor thing.