Thursday, April 12, 2012


I woke up this morning to see that white, glistenie stuff on the grass – it looked familiar ?? – had to search deep into my memory bank – YUP, IT WAS FROST !!  UGH

Resorting back to warming up my tea mug ‘cause it was so cold.


Back on the road I go with my trusty GPS.  I mean REALLY FOLKS – how on earth did we travel before we had those GPS’s to help us find our way ??


First stop was only 40 miles up the road to Mason, Ohio.


Did pretty good there by only buying a hitch plug (I think that’s what they are called ??)


And yes, more stickers.  (Where does she put all those stickers !!??)Open-mouthed smile


Next stop was about 141 miles up the road to Sunbury, Ohio where they had the same hitch plug for FIVE DOLLARS CHEAPER !!!  And one even nicer (it had diamond glistenie studs in it) that was also FIVE DOLLARS CHEAPER !!


Yes, HD sure does know how to MARKET – want an HD Tent ?


Or perhaps an HD Umbrella ?


How about some HD socks ??


Or what about a sign – boy did this location ever have a lot of signs. 


More signs…..


Turn another corner – and guess what – more signs….


I left there empty handed !!

Hard to imagine that in 2 days (likely anyway) I’ll be back in CANADA – still nowhere near my home Province yet but still…

I OUTDID myself today – I actually drove 182 miles today.  WOW !

Resting this evening in Mansfield, Ohio.


  1. I'm anxiously awaiting pics from Canada Nova Scotia areas. It is one of our trips planned next year. We havent been to Canada yet and we're looking forward to this trip. With the cold your seeing maybe you started home alittle too soon. LOL

  2. Yep. That's one of the pictures I needed to swipe from you. You're so high-tech with your GPS. You must stop at every Harley shop along the way. Be safe.

  3. Merchandising. Good. Lord.
    But hey, it's whatever keeps the company afloat. My wife's company has one division that makes "golf grips". I didn't even know there was such a thing, but apparently golfers change out the grips on their clubs from time to time. It's not a big outfit, but makes a tidy profit, so it stays!
    There's a scene out of that goofy movie "Space Balls" about merchandising. The movie is one of Mel Brook's creations, like "Blazing Saddles" or "Young Frankenstein", so you have to have a certain sense of humour to appreciate. Not all do. (I laugh, can't help it)
    It's like all the "Star Wars" stuff. They make more money on that cr*p than on the original product.
    I think I'd draw the line at the tent however?

  4. D.....I like that 3d silver one in the 2nd pic..........if you will be in Canada in 2 to 3 days you will only be 5 to 6 hours from Gravenhurst...which is 120 miles North of Toronto.....


  5. Hey Denise, you are really moving now, aren't you? Pretty soon you are in the cold white North again. So, are dropping in here or what? If so, I start grooming the lawn. But maybe you rather stay out at the ocean? Nice spot out there as well. Camping season hasn't really started so you can be all by yourself.