Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Woke up this morning to SNOW and 0C/32F.




Had a horrible night last night.  Just couldn’t get comfortable and couldn’t get to sleep.  Even Bennie was uncomfortable.  I tried as best I could to make a ‘spot’ for him in the tiny, single bed but there just wasn’t enough room.  He eventually jumped off the bed and went to his own bed on the floor.

But he wasn’t happy with that either so I got another quilt and put him on the other single bed, wrapped him up, and in less than a minute he was snoring.  He was comfortable – he was warm – he could see me – All was well in his little world.

I have no idea what time it was when I eventually fell asleep – but I’m sure it had to be the wee hours of the morning.

The temperatures are all over the map.  Tomorrow it is forecasted to be 12C/54F – not warm by any means – but at least it will be sunny and no rain.  I dare say I will be getting my heated gear out and going for a ride.

Still going back and forth to my rig getting things that I need to ‘live’.  For example, I was going to fry an egg this morning for breakfast – NOPE – forgot to take my frying pan – and the list goes on.

Work on the rig is progressing quite quickly and quite nicely.  There are two Brothers that work here – one does the painting and the other does the repairs.  But it appears they are both now working on the repairs – I guess to speed up the process for me.

This is the Painter guy and for the life of me I cannot remember his name.  He DOES NOT like getting his picture taken – but for the sake of the Blog he agreed.  God love him !




This is his Brother Keith who is the master of the repairs.


The days are long (and this is only the second day !! LOL) and very boring.  Nothing to do.  Hoping for the weather to change so that I can get out on the bike.

They have a loaner car that Jenn offered to me so I took a short drive today to Walmart just to break up the day.

And that’s all Folks.


  1. Sounds like great customer service, it's great to hear for a guy like me who's interested in getting into the RV lifestyle!!
    I'm in London tonight and going to Michigan tomorrow and Thursday, I'll get in contact thru email on Friday about the weekend. Take care and you'll be outta there real soon.

  2. Is that SNOW???? Oh no ... hope you got your long johns out. Glad you're getting everything fixed. Before long the repairs will all be behind you.

    Stay warm!

  3. My eyes! My eyes!
    OK fine, I've seen snow before, but still. Snow in April just sucks, big time.
    Just curious, I don't seem to recall what the deal was at the rear of the coach. Did it go clunk on the ground when you went into the ditch? I musta missed that.
    Hang in there.

  4. D....you will be out of there by the weekend....unless something is on back order

  5. Snow? That's a revolting development!!

  6. ha ha ha ha . lmao. welcome back to Canada. Repairs seem to be going pretty smoothly. Bet the snow is all gone by now.