Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I left the CITY OF CHATTAHOOCHEE RV CAMPGROUND last Sunday (April 1st) and proceeded my very SLOW journey North.  I spent 9 nights there but they only charged me the one week rate of $98.55.  I was pleased.  This is a really nice Park and if you’re ever in the Area I would strongly recommended it.  Lots of sites and nice and quiet.  Fit my criteria for sure.

Can’t say that I had a relaxing week there though due to the extreme heat and humidity; the SKEETERS; and of course ending it off with a dead bike battery.

Bennie chillin’ one night while I’m on the computer – tried to get the pic with his eyes closed but as soon as he hears the camera turning on it’s too late.


It took me three days and 444 miles to reach my destination of 370 !!  Yup, That’s the way I drive.  And Man Oh Man is it HOT.  One night I had to resort to turning on the generator so I could run the A/C.  I know I’m not very far North yet (everything up to this point has been driving Eastward) but still it’s only the beginning of April yet temps are in the High 80’s to low 90’s.

One of Bennie’s many spots while I drive…


Getting back on the road means I had to get my trusty GPS out and set the co-ordinates !!  This day I had TWO going as I had planned a stop at a HD before my final destination for that day.  Changed my mind on that though.



Getting back on the road also means MEGA traffic.  Driving through Atlanta (even though I took the By-Pass route) was a little hairy at times.


And ever since an 18 Wheelie near took the front off my rig the day of the 'INCIDENT' I am very leery of them when I see them pull up on my left side.


Bennie got his bed all scrunched up – just the way he likes it…


Last night ‘something’ got at my ankles !  I now have several bites on both and they itch like crazy.  It’s not Skeeters this time ‘cause there was nothing flying around inside the rig.  WHAT IS BITING ME NOW ??? I know I’m delicious BUT !!!!


Today I did stop at the HD Dealer in Dalton, GA and I immediately saw this Trike.  LOVE those trikes !  Then this guy comes out with his dog just laying on his shoulder.

In this pic the little pooch just wanted to jump off and go play with Bennie.


And the guy rides with the pooch just resting on his lap or on a piece of carpet he has laying over the tank.


Sooo shiny !!  Here’s your fix Byron !



I have been in touch with Annette from the HD Forums whom I met LAST YEAR while they were vacationing in Arizona.

She lives in this area and we had arranged to meet so she could lead me to exactly where this Campground is.  Good thing ‘cause I doubt that I would have ever found it !!  Too many ‘turn here’ and ‘turn there’ on roads that have at least a dozen different names – NONE of which matched up with my google directions !  And while it’s ‘doable’ in a big rig – it was slow and tight going on some of these roads.  THANKS ANNETTE !!

I’m in a campground in the beautiful Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee.

After I got myself into the site, visited with Annette for awhile and then rested – well I had to pull the rig out on the road in order to get the bike out.  I was sure hoping nobody was going to drive by ‘cause as you can see I was completely blocking the road.



It appears I’m going to be riding “THE DRAGON”.  Now the question is ----- Will I slay the Dragon?  or Will the Dragon slay me ??  More about that next time.


  1. What nasty bugs make such holes?

    I would be scared to get in between these trees with that big rig. But Peter just does it. Must be the training.

    Same thing happens when I take a photo of Molly sleeping. But I got some nice shots where her eyes are shut.

  2. We drove on that road!!! In my Element tho. It was a GREAT drive, really, really curvy!!! AND lots of those whiny little motorcycles, (NOT Harleys) laying on their sides going around corners, coming straight at you!!! They have people out there taking photos of people on their cycles too.

    1. Well I won't be laying on my side - at least not intentionally !!

  3. You drive like I drive, Sassy! I liked to linger in an area and get the feel for it when I crossed country and back. I've wanted to go out, again, ever since I got Jack back to health, but then my health failed. I'm not putting the dream away, yet.

    I have to drive on 285 around Atlanta no matter where I go unless I go directly north in Georgia.

    Before my trip west and my back problems, I camped fall, winter, and spring in the east. I refuse to camp in the heat or with bugs--made a mistake by meeting my daughter in Las Vegas, but will never do that, again. It was the only time I took my sweatshirt off until heading back east--and didn't see a bug for 6 months!

    You may have gotten chigger bites. The itch like crazy.

    You've got quite a trip mapped out. On my GPS I can put an interim stop and then continue on. I'll be reading about your travels--have a great time.

  4. I'm sorry. I forgot to mention how adorable little Bennie is. Be especially careful this year. Ticks, fleas, and bugs in general are supposed to be out of control in the east because we had no winter to speak of.

    My friend's dog got Lyme disease after camping in Tennessee last year and goes lame every now and then, but it can be much worse. Check yourself, including your hair, and of course Bennie (who will be easy because he's white). I've never seen a tick or flea on Jack--I use Frontline Plus religiously on him every month.

  5. Hobo, Well I'm learning a lot on this (mis)adventure of mine !! LOL I didn't know what a tick was until Bennie got them when we were on the road only a month or so. I do have a monthly treatment for him also.

    I also didn't know what a chigger was ?? Google says "Chiggers are only about 1/50th of an inch (0.5 mm) in diameter and so are too small to be seen with the naked eye." Bennie was laying outside on the grass last evening and I'm thinking that got in here via him ??

  6. I still get the heebie jeebies reading about all your bug bites. But sure am glad you're in such a nice site. And here's hoping your weather stays good. Not sure where that storm that hit Dallas is headed. So be safe.

  7. Yup, chiggers. That's how I react when they attack me. They live in leaf litter, Spanish moss, etc.

  8. All I can say is to be very very careful on the Dragon...not a piece of cake, so I understand...love to do it this year or next!! Yer a woman after my own heart, ya knows that Harley dealer visiting would also be top priority with me....as far as I'm concerned...YER MISSIN' TOO MANY OF THEM!! LOL!!

  9. Definitely looks like chigger bites. You can buy the ChiggerRid OR you can put clear fingernail polish over the bite. Those are the only ways to get rid of them. They dig in, the polish smothers them. My DH is allergic to them and they swell way up. If you don't do something they will probably get infected. They are in the grass and latch on to you--too small to see but a real pain.

  10. in the south they also called redbugs... many people react badly to them, but it is funny two people can be exposed and one will react, the other won't - some people they don't bother... looks like they like you. Bennie is adorable. Have fun on the dragon we have been there many times a beautiful ride. Lots of turns and twists and crazy people riding it, even have a motorcycle camp and be sure and stop at the gift shop for your T-shirt "I survived the dragon"..Have a great time.

  11. Hi Denise, we met you and Bennie in Tomball at Spring Creek Park.
    I also was bitten, just like you, while touring the San Jacinto Battleground on March 22. I was walking in the grass, when something bit me. The bite raised a red welt, which looked just like yours. Just yesterday, it opened and now it is just a red spot. It no longer itches. I wish I had know about the nail polish cure earlier.
    ~John and Corrie

  12. You've got to stay out of those trees and away from the creeks to stay out of the dinner plates of those mosquitos. Terry lived in Atlanta for a while. The traffic was terrible then too.

  13. Say Denise, are you or are you not fidling around with a camera thru a side window while driving in high density traffic. That really gives me the creeps!
    Your bites ain't looking like mosquito bites. I'd guess some other nasty insects, like Sand fleas or ...flies.