Monday, April 9, 2012


Spent 6 wonderful days at the PARKSVILLE LAKE CAMPGROUND and now back on the road again. 



Tonight’s residence is in Corbin, Kentucky – where it is VERY windy !!  If it keeps up I will definitely have to bring my slides in.

Got a few amazing rides in and have to say, by far, these rides were the most scenic I’ve been on, with the best roads to ride a motorcycle on for sure !!

I won’t say the campground is “big rig friendly” – however, it is doable and there are several sites that a rig my size could get in to.  The Campground was blissfully beautiful, peaceful and quiet.

This is one of the  pull thru sites that could definitely handle a big rig…


I think Bennie enjoyed his stay there as well..



It appeared to be used mostly by local families wanting to get away for a few days or a weekend.  Lots of children around but all very well behaved and they just played and rode their bicycles around the area.  At night there wasn’t a sound.

Annette & Ron dropped by to say good-bye and to give me the CD she made of me riding THE DRAGON.  Unfortunately, she had forgotten the sound was off.  I got dizzy watching it !!  They were off to go on another ride – I declined ‘cause I had packing up to do.


Got the bike lined up ready to put it back in the garage for another while…She done good on that old Dragon for sure !


After a week with barely one green bar Internet signal it sure is nice to have a good signal again though.  Getting my Blog Posts loaded was a test in patience – one that I failed miserably at !!  LOL

Now I gotta go check on my Blogland friends to see what they have been up to.  I don’t follow a lot of Blogs but there are a few that I like to check in on regularly.

Last time I checked JIM & SANDIE had TWO boats – again.  Must go see what they are buying now.

And JERI & TERRY were hoping to make it home (Washington State I believe) in time to spend Easter with their Family.

Then there’s my riding buddy BOB who just started a new Blog (check it out) and is preparing for a trip to Alaska – on his bike !!  NO, Not in the comforts of his 5th Wheel.

And are those burros still visiting BARBARA ?

How’s all that clean-up work going with PETER & BEA now that they are back home in New Brunswick ?

RICK & PAULETTE were just getting settled back home also on beautiful Vancouver Island.

And THOSE DUCKS – what quacky things have they been up to I wonder ?

There’s a few more – but you get the idea – I’m way behind on my Blog reading !!


  1. We always pull in the slides when a big wind is blowing. Also under rainstorms our slides are pulled in. Hope it isn't getting too bad for you.

  2. Ya, I did end up pulling in the slides. Thankfully the wind has died down now so I could put them out again.

  3. Blog reading vs bike riding...Hmm.

    I'm thinking you made the right choice! ;c)

  4. Sassy, I still haven't found any freebees here in this part....another 600 miles and you'll be touchin Canadian soil!! Safe travels....


  5. Well, we certainly keep checking back on you too!! Hopefully, you'll have lots of nice weather and riding time heading north.