Saturday, April 14, 2012



Sorry Folks, All pics taken today were from inside looking out at a very bug splattered windshield !!  LOL

Before I cross the Border gotta ‘top off’ my gas tank – it was at about 1/2 and yet it cost me $170 to top it off !!

They get you every time !  I know gas is expensive everywhere and I’ve been paying between $3.74 – $3.88 a gallon the last week.  This gas station was the last one on the Interstate before crossing back into Canada and the price was $4.11 a gallon for regular unleaded !!

On top of that they have taken out that thingie that holds the pump open so your hand doesn’t seize up.  Well I wasn’t having any of that !!  Frantically thinking of what I could use to hold the lever open, I pulled out the nail clippers that were in my pocket.

That little clip that holds the lever up has been taken out of the Canadian Gas Stations for years now.  I sure do like it that it’s still at the pumps in the States.



You don’t need to worry about taking the right Exit to get to the Canadian Border – lots of signs miles back telling you.  Didn’t even need to use my fancy GPS !!  LOL


Approaching the Border…..


Getting closer to being back on Canadian soil….


And closer………….


Almost there………….


Now WTF is it with me and crossing the Border.  I’m nervous as heck each and every single time !!  I can sort of understand when wanting to go into the United States – I mean after all it is their Country – one that I so desperately want to get into to get away from the damn COLD Canadian Winters – so yes, perhaps a bit nervous.

But coming back into my own Country – WHY nervous ?  I was breaking out in a sweat, my heart was pounding, I racked my brains over and over and over to ensure I didn’t have anything onboard that I wasn’t supposed to like fresh fruits etc. And I knew I didn’t.  Yet it’s always such a RELIEF when I get through there.  The Border Guard asked very few questions and was very pleasant.  I asked him if I could take his pic for the Blog but he said it was not allowed.

No sooner into Canada – and I mean right next to the Border Station – is a Toll Booth.  What is with the Eastern States and now Canada with all their tolls !!??


On Canadian soil


Now remember Folks that I left Yuma, Arizona on February 27th !!  Most people do this distance in less than a week – Me ?  Well, It’s taken me SEVEN weeks to get just this far and I STILL have a lot of driving ahead of me.

But I’m going to rest here in Ontario for several weeks – still too bloody COLD in NL to be heading there yet.

Since I left Yuma, I’ve driven 3,550 MILES  -- that’s 5,713 KMS.

I’ll post the stats on gas costs etc. when all the bills are processed on my Credit Card.


First priority was dealing with the tanks !  Yes, I could have done it earlier on the road but

(1) Pilot wanted $10.00 !!  And I knew this place was just across the Border and FREE

(2) There are no hook-ups at the Campground where I’m going to stay so I wanted to start out with full/empty tanks.


11 - Copy


Dark and dreary sky…


So now I have to get my head around KPH  vs. MPH again.  Miles, Feet, Fahrenheit etc. just makes more sense to me and I adapt quite easily when I go to the States.  I don’t adapt quite so easily when I return to Canada.


The main (WHITE) numbers are MPH – and the teenie little RED ones under that are KPH – only problem is that they are too teenie and I can’t see them while driving.



My destination for today was going to be Walmart in Hamilton, Ontario.  It was VERY windy on the Highway – I was tired – and I was hungry.  So when I saw a Wally’s off the Highway in St. Catharine's that’s where I pulled in and staying for the night.


Joe says to Paddy: "Close your curtains the next time you're shagging your wife. The whole street was watching and laughing at you yesterday."

Paddy says: "Well the joke's on them stupid buggers because I wasn't even at home yesterday."


  1. Glad to hear they let you in without any hassle. The few times we traveled in Canada I never did figure out what the speed limit was. And since we did it so seldom, it didn't really seem to matter. But I much prefer what I already know - cause I'm getting old.

  2. Sorry, but you should NOT have to worry about fresh fruit, veggies etc. when you come back TO Canada.

    No fruit and veggies are allowed INTO the US.

    We always load up our fridges and pantry before we cross over to Canada. We also had a box of wine bottles. No problem. We just paid the Canadian Tax and that was it.
    And not more than $750 in gifts and other items, like HD stuff. :))

    1. Bea, When he asked how much I spent - I said "Oh, Just a couple of T-Shirts" LOL

    2. Just to clarify, there are restrictions on certain fruit and vegetables coming into Canada, especially those that are grown here. It changes from region to region so your best bet is to declare them all and the officer can inform you what is and isn't allowed.

  3. After being in the desert for so long, I'll bet it feels strange being back up north. I always feel strange once I head up north. It just feels so different. Does the pump still cut off when it's full with the nail clippers or do you just know to take them out when you think it's full?

    1. Cyn, It does feel strange. I could live forever in Arizona.

      The pump automatically cuts off at $100 when using a Credit Card so even when the pump has that clip thing to hold it open it cuts off.

    2. Oh of course. What was I thinking?? I've even had stations refuse to let me turn the pumps back on after they reached the cut off level! One time I got away with putting $3 extra before they shut the pump off from the inside on me. That's really irritating.

  4. Yes. They did let you in. We were wondering if they would.

    1. Jeri, Being such a 'bad ass biker' ya never know ! LOL

  5. Heh Denise,

    Welcome Home !!!!!!! It's been awhile since you were on Canadian soil!!!!

    Dark skies of Ontario better than tornados in the USA---think you just missed them all---thank goodness.

    Enjoy the rest & the weather is bound to get better. Sunny skies in BC today---lovely.

    Lynn, Vancouver.

    1. Hey Lynn ! Haven't heard from you in awhile. Yes, Sure glad I missed those tornadoes.

  6. Was that dump at Windmill Point Park?? Interested because we may be coming through there in a couple of weeks.

    1. No, It was at:
      Fort Erie Truck & Travel Plaza
      • 1637 Pettit Road Fort Erie ON
      • QEW; Gilmore Road

      I found it on

  7. Still nice to be back in Canada I'd bet.
    Even though it wasn't too danged warm for a Port Dover run I hear.
    I've crossed that border (well, actually at Queenston/Lewistion) countless times, and I still get a slightly elevated heart rate. Can't explain it.
    I like the clipper trick. I used to carry around one of those "spring clamps", and just clamp the handle open in place of my hand. Couldn't hold the stupid thing open that long, and it's going to stop at 100 bucks anyway. Never understood why they removed that feature.

  8. Re. the "feature" holding open the handle of the filler: We have experienced that when we used it the shut-off was faulty. Result gallons of fuel was running out. That's why we often read: Don't leave the pump unattended.
    It doesn't happen often, but IF it happens with gas (not diesel)there is a HUGE potential of an explosion. I guess that's why they don't have it in Canada.

  9. Welcome back to Canada! Glad you had no trouble with the border guys. Looks pretty cold and wet from your pics - lot different than Yuma!

  10. Get your arse in NFL and do your visiting so you can join us at Goose in August and we'll all go to Arizona in October....... Welcome back home, eh.