Friday, April 20, 2012



Spent the last few days hanging out in the driveway of old friends, Jo-Anna and Mike and their beautiful daughter Adia.

Jo & Mike used to rent my basement apartment many, many years ago when I lived in Toronto.  And Adia was just a wee little munchkin then.  She’s 14 years old now.

They now have a lovely house of their own in Barrie, Ontario.

Jo took to Bennie right away – but then again who doesn’t !!


Adia has a little pup of her own – Abby.


But Abby doesn’t like to play like Bennie does so Adia had a great time playing with him.


Abby and Bennie got along quite well – once territories were set and who was the Boss was determined.  I think Bennie won that argument.


Mom and Daughter…


Note the serious and determined look on little Abby’s face…..protecting HER bed !


Well she had good reason to be – ‘cause look who took over….


And made himself quite comfortable I might add….


I assigned Adia the job of re-filling all of my drinking water containers – one that she took quite seriously and completed very well.


I’m going to be residing at the Dealership (Hitch House) for the next two weeks while my rig is being repaired from the INCIDENT.

I’ve spent the last days dealing with the Insurance Company, Adjusters, Appraisers etc.  FIGHTING with the Insurance Company is more like it.  It turns out my deductible is $2,000 !!!  AND that’s not even the worst of it – there is no provision in my Insurance for accommodations while the rig is being repaired !!  AND my premiums on both the RV and my Honda CRV (that is still in NL) are going to increase for the next SIX YEARS.

Could have knocked me over with a feather.  I’ve been dealing with this Insurance Company for at least 30 years; have had all my previous homes and vehicles insured with them; still have the Condo, the CRV, the Harley and the RV insured with them.  Have NEVER had a claim – ever !!  And they are going to increase my premiums !!??

I was beating myself up for having such a high deductible thinking “I” had chosen this in order to lower my monthly payments – but no, it turns out ‘they’ assign this high deductible because of the high cost of the rig.

I’ve spent hours on the phone with different people escalating this – with no success so far.

The Manager at the Hitch House really came through this afternoon and told me they do have a rig I can stay in during the repairs.  This is not something they do because there is an RV Rental place right on their premises and people usually rent an RV during repairs – because their insurance covers it.

So it’s been a stressful few days.


  1. I am presently researching a company called Wayfairer (Spelling could be wrong) They cover many fulltimers and specialize in RVs Boats ATVs you get the Idea. They are supposed to be way cheaper for a whole lot more insurance and at lower deductables. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, The Manager here gave me their Brochure. They are called Wayfarer and they are underwritten by Aviva.

      I will DEFINITELY be checking them out.

  2. We can feel your pain! The damage estimate to repair our little Honda Fit was almost $7,000. We were simply towing it behind the motorhome when something really smacked the underside when we were pulling off I84 onto an easy exit. No idea what happened, but it was nasty. So sorry you're going through what you're faced with! Insurance companies seem to be great at taking premiums for years, then if you have a claim, you know they're going to jack up your premiums.

    1. Russ, Having NEVER had a Claim before, this is sure a whole new experience for me ! And not a pleasant one.
      -- $2,000 Deductible
      -- No coverage for a place to stay while the repairs are being done.
      -- Premiums impacted for SIX YEARS !

  3. Hey could have stayed here... happy to hear that you have finalized your repair worries.


    1. Yes, I know Bob - and THANK YOU. I just felt that if it were at all possible, it would be better for me to be onsite so that I could get things I had forgotten out of the rig.

  4. Oh my! You've probably paid your insurance company more than they'll be out over the years. I hope it comes out better than you think. sorry.

    1. Jeri, DAMN Insurance Companies ! You have to have insurance yet when there is a Claim - well that's a whole other story.

  5. Oh I'm sorry, that sucks. I'm glad the RV place is going to let you stay in one of their rigs. That says a lot for them! Bennie likes the little girl a lot from those photos. :-)

    1. Cyn, This place has bent over backwards trying to help me. The Body Shop Manager has been wonderful.

  6. Glad to see you will be staying at The Hitch House, I'll see you tomorrow Sunday...sposed to be a nice day, and get ready for a wee ride maybe up to Orillia for a coffee!!

    1. Byron, Yup, The forecast for tomorrow is looking good. But with a High of only 11C - it will be early afternoon before it warms up enough for this WUSS to ride ! LOL

  7. Insurance companies are the worst! I, too, have paid all my life for homeowner and auto ins. and when I finally had two minor claims on the house after a storm, they threatened to cancel me. After being a policy holder my entire adult life! What an eye-opener that was. I had to increase my deductible to a huge amount and meet their other demands for them to keep me. It's hard to change insurers when you've just had a claim.

    As soon as I could, I switched to another company, and ended up paying less. So... you aren't alone, I'm sure that happens to everybody sooner or later, it's just such a bummer. I hope it all turns out well.

    At least you'll have somewhere to stay during the repairs, and it won't cost you extra.

    When you feel like it, start researching other companies, and as soon as the numbers work, take all you insurance to another company.

    Did you say who you're with?

  8. I am so sorry you are stuck with that huge deductible. Definitely get out there and find another company. I am so glad I had Jack review my policy at the Good Sam Rally. Hopefully we never have to use the insurance but think what it would be to fix the rig without it.