Thursday, April 5, 2012


With a 70% chance of THUNDERSTORMS forecasted for today I wasn’t going to risk going for a ride.  NOT A DROP OF RAIN WAS SEEN THOUGH !!  Although the sky was very overcast and it sure felt like it was going to pour any minute.

So I had a lazy day and tried to clean/organize the garage for the umpteenth time !!

About mid afternoon I decided to take a short run.  That way if it did start to rain I would be close to home.

I was curious about the Chilhowee Campground because that was where I was originally going to stay.  So I rode to there as it was quite close.


SEVEN (very curvy) MILES straight UP with many places that had LOOKOUTS.  This one was only about 1/2 way up.  Some reading for you in the following pics if you want to know more about this place.





A short video of the area from the LOOKOUT – you will notice the silence – and yes, the volume is on

I never did get to see the Campground !!  All I saw was “PAVEMENT ENDS” and that was enough for me !  The rest was gravel road and I wasn’t about to chance that not knowing how far I would have to go.  It was probably only a couple hundred feet but there was a bend in the road so I couldn’t see.

Another LOOKOUT I stopped at on the way down.



Some of these LOOKOUTS even have picnic tables and a grill.  How great is that !




Bob asked yesterday how Bennie travels with me.  In his kennel securely strapped to the luggage rack.


After we came down from that Mountain I was curious where this Highway 30 lead.  So I trotted along there for maybe 5 miles or so and then came home.

When I got back I put the bike’s cover out …….. Fair Game he figures !!  But once again he heard the camera turning on !!


He lay back down and just turned his back on me !!


Might be doing The Dragon tomorrow – depends on Mother Nature !!


  1. Those views are beautiful. So very very different than the desert.

  2. Wow, simply incredible! I can't wait to get the rig out!!!!


  3. Very nice photos. The terrain sure changes as we travel from one place to another. It's hard to pick a favorite because they are all so different. Enjoy yourself!! You sure seem to be.

  4. Ahhh, eye candy. Thank you! It's great that you have the bike to take out on these adventures.

    And that silly Bennie. He'll make a bed out of anything!

  5. That lying dog! I mean, well you know what I mean.
    Thanks for the pictures. Fun stuff.
    ...and especially the shot of the doggie carrier.

  6. What a nice area! We try to avoid going into State Parks. Usually the spaces are too short for our 40'' + car trailer. And often the trees are not pruned enough so their branches scratch the roof and sides. We would have to get the car down and go check it out first.

  7. Hi D....did the Dragon last is a very twisty ride and advise to go very slow....on my Voyager I kept scraping the crash bars on the corners and only going less than 15 miles per hour....many cops sitting at corners ready to write tickets.


  8. fabulous pics specially of Bennie. tks for sharing. watch out for those craters. lol

  9. You can see forever at those lookout, How cool is that? Those puppies are darling!!!