Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Today we actually saw some SUNSHINE here in the great City of Barrie.  At a High temperature of 11C/52F, it wasn’t warm by any means but I was DETERMINED to get out for a little ride on the bike and that is exactly what I did.

Loaded up with my HEATED JACKET AND HEATED GLOVES plus lined boots etc. I just took a short scoot around and stopped at a few places – including Timmy’s for a cuppa and a croissant.

This morning I saw another Canyon Star pull in here.  I bought mine early last Summer and this is the first one I’ve seen – and I’ve been looking.  No, Not even while in Quartzsite.

This is a 2012 (mine is 2010) and I was anxious to talk with the Owner to see how they like it etc.  This one has a few extra features that mine doesn’t have – like the electric awning.  Turns out he’s only had it a few weeks and he wasn’t in much of a talking mood.  Oh well.


Talked with Paul (the Painter) and Keith (the Repair specialist) and things are really starting to shape up now.  They explained the process of priming the damaged areas and then looking at it again to make sure no cracks were missed.  If they were then the filling and sanding and priming again.  I really have confidence that these guys know what they are doing and that’s a good feeling.  Something I would not have had, had I waited to get this done when I got ‘home’.

Bob asked yesterday about the rear of the Coach.  Well it did go down into that ditch with a bang.  I noticed several cracks in the fiberglass after that and figured it was due to the accident as I had not noticed them before.  And seeing as I’m going through my Insurance – AND PAYING A $2,000 DEDUCTIBLE – well you can be assured I will be getting everything fixed.


The door ‘skins’ (for the two doors that got the most damage) are in and on and ready for painting.  The skins are just the top part of the door.  Paul said he should be ready for painting by tomorrow !!  YIPPEE


But I expect this is the part that’s going to take the longest – waiting for drying in between.  There are three colours in these doors plus the priming.

While I was out on my little run today I just ‘happened’ to see a Harley Davidson place !!  Now surely it’s been MONTHS AND MONTHS since I’ve been into one of their stores !!  LOL


Has to be the Owner’s car I figure.


Nice store – just browsed around – didn’t buy anything.  Prices at HD are outrageously expensive at best – but add Canada to the equation and they are even worse.

Took a walk around the Dealership here with Bennie when I got back.  This is one BIG place.  Make no wonder they use those golf carts for zooming around here.


I checked my e-mails when I got back and sure enough got one from Jenn, the Body Shop Manager.  Painting IS starting tomorrow and once that starts I won’t have any access to the rig so I’d better be sure I have everything I need out of it.

Won’t be long now !!


  1. They are moving along really fast and that is a good thing. Too bad the old grump wasn't in the mood to talk.

  2. Some people just aren't friendly no matter what and no matter where. He may have been the one learning something from you. Maybe that's what he was afraid of!

  3. We are so glad that the repairs are progressing at a nice speed. Surly you'd rather live in your own coach.
    Sometimes you meet that kind of people who do'nt want to talk to others RVers. That's their good right, if they like it. We sure are of the other kind. Just talked to a neighbour who was driving his Class C up the road. Nice guy and he's into that bluegrass thing all summer.

  4. We have been reading your blog and enjoying your posts. We can relate as we not only have a 2012 Canyon Star toy hauler, we also have a 14 yesr old Maltese, Jaz, that travels with us. Jaz also enjoys piles of clothes just like Bennie! Your repairs are progressing nicely ans you soon will be back on your way!

    Jay, Doreen and Jaz
    South Dakota

    1. Hi There Jay, Doreen & Jaz ! Do you have a Blog ? How do you like your Canyon Stat ??

    2. No we are not bloggers as of yet but we never know what the future might bring. We love the Canyon Star. We ordered it in Feb. and picked it up the end of March. Traded a Super C Funmover for it.

      We took it out on it's maiden voyage last weekend and to say the least it was quite eventful. The first 60 miles yielded a windshield chip, right in front of Doreen. We made it to the campground and it is such a nice quiet place until the police pursuit flys through at 50mph+. The rain started shortly after and continued until Saturday afternoon when the tornado sirens went off. It continued raining throughout the night and cleared just before we broke camp and headed home. One we will always remember! Even with all that, we had a super time in the new Canyon Star.

      Feel free to drop me a line directly. I race motocross and we offroad so we will have it on the road most weekends. When not racing or riding, we kayak, Jaz has her own little life vest and I am a musician and perform with several bands. Here is my work email;


  5. Like I said, it won't be 2 weeks....Monday is my prediction!! I'm in Michigan and will call you Friday when I get home.

  6. That deductible is a bit of a "butt clencher", but that's often the only way to keep the rates down. I think ours was only ever $500, which I thought was "enough". Never had to use it for the motorhome, thankfully.

    There was some mention of "backing up a blog". Doing a search will get some results, but there's a link I found.
    Methinks you'll have to copy and paste that. This is something that should be in big letters for anyone starting a blog. But it ain't. And I don't think everyone is backing up their blogs. Just saying.

    I did have to go back to the old blogger dashboard in order to figure this out though, 'cause I couldn't get past "settings" in the new format. If you "export" your blog, it will copy it in an xml file on your computer. (whatever the heck that is) which can then be used to fire it up again if it decides to crap out. I'm sure Rick out in Victoria has more on that story. I just "do it". I'll sort out that other part later.
    THEN of course, I back up the whole derned computer once a week to a separate drive. Not taking any chances. (it's not "IF" it will crash, but "WHEN")

    Your mileage may differ.

  7. I hope the repairs DO go faster than originally expected. I know you're not comfortable in the loaner. It's looking good so far.