Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I left Tennessee on Monday morning, April 9th and in the last three days travelled a whopping 338 miles !!  LOL 

Today I drove a total of 80 miles – HEY !  I had to do laundry this morning so got a late start.  Yesterday I drove 86 miles – HEY !!  OK, So I have no excuse for not getting on the road until 1:00PM other than just wanting to be lazy.

Besides it’s getting COLD now so I’m delaying going further North for as long as possible.

Remember those SKEETER BITES !!  At the time I discovered I did indeed have one of those Therma Cell dooo-jiggers – but no butane and the local Walmart DID NOT have the refills.  So knowing that I was going to be at Annette’s up the road I ordered some online through Amazon.  Well wouldn't you know it – the very next Walmart I stopped at had them – so I bought more.  YUP, Ready now !!


A few more HD stops along my way….. Wildcat Harley Davidson in London, Kentucky.



I think they do.  This particular location had (at least) two other billboard signs as far back on the Interstate as 50 miles.


This particular location really knows how to take care of their customers…….all of their customers……little drinking bowl for the dogs that visit.


And look at this Lounge area !!  Note the chairs for outside sitting as well.


Complete with a fireplace.



MAN O’ WAR HARLEY DAVIDSON in Lexington, Kentucky …


My credit card balance was very thankful that I came out of both of these stores empty handed.

So I go out to the garage a little while ago for just a second and look what I see when I come back in !!!


The little rascal had gotten into the garbage can and thankfully only had a chance to haul out a (clean) plastic bag – which somehow he got his head into.

02 - Copy

You will notice HIS BED is right there !  But Oh NO !!  Mom’s jeans on the floor is much better to sleep on.



  1. OMG aren't you overdoing it a bit? Poor bugs.

    Reading your inputs gives me some understanding for real HD addiction. :))

  2. I believe that you are ready for skeeter country now! Did you leave any for everyone else?? LOL

  3. Benny is a character!

    Glad you've got the refills for your Thermacel.

    A big box fan, outside, helps, too--especially for pups. They don't bother Jack as much as they used to be all over my poor lizzie. She'd lay right in front of the fan and not bugs!?

    Just don't have it run through where the thermal is working.

  4. I can't believe how busy you are. I went back to "swipe" one of your photos and I found all these blogs I didn't see before. You're one busy lady. How do you have time for it all!!!!?????

  5. But Mom, I like curling up on the jeans cause they smell like you.

  6. I think maybe HD has their demographics figured out?
    Comfy chairs, fireplace. Dog watering station.
    No point in marketing to teenagers if your bikes average out at around 25 grand!

  7. Oh yeah, HD has everything figured out from the time you get there till the time you leave....VERY ADDICTIVE!!