Sunday, April 8, 2012


A few quotes about THE DRAGON from the many websites that talk about this ride….

“Deal’s Gap is located near a stretch of road known as the Tail of the Dragon, a section of US129 that has 318 curves in the span of 11 miles. Motorcyclists, sports car enthusiasts, and other serious drivers come from all over the nation to take the Tail of the Dragon.”

“You can encounter one of the most technical & challenging roads in the country. Of course, people come to the attraction of 318 curves in 11 miles, but they soon discover all the best kept secrets of the many great roads leading you here. Like the land that time forgot, you will not find any driveways, gas stations, subdivisions, or mini malls. In place of all the hustle & bustle of big city life, you will find many scenic & beautiful places to stop & take time to soak in all the natural beauty that our area has to offer.

Without a doubt, you will have one of the best motorcycling experiences one could have.” 

“Beware .... it is not a road to sightsee on. The attraction is the road itself, not the scenery. No need to look at the wooded roadside when the curves are coming at rapid fire. And that is what you should be concerned with.” 

“This is a very special and unique highway. There are no intersecting roads, no houses with driveways and no businesses. Each and every curve is different. There is very little elevation change. And many of the curves are banked like a race track.”

 Eleven miles and 318 curves - I MADE IT !!!




Annette didn’t want to get her picture taken here ‘cause she’s had it taken a gazillion times.  But she co-operated for the Blog.


This is the “TREE OF SHAME” !  Not everyone ‘slays’ the Dragon and ‘parts’ are left behind.  Oh Dear !  Sure glad none of my ‘parts’ were contributed to this tree !!

“The Tree of Shame is covered in parts of wrecked motorcycles and cars that didn’t make it through the Dragon. A sign on the other side of the tree reads “No gain, but a lot of pain!” Thankfully, none of the drivers of these particular vehicles were badly injured.”


UGH !!


A closer look……….



Ron became the self-elected Puppy Sitter – a job he really enjoyed.  He and Bennie really bonded !  He wanted the job as ‘shopping’ is not one of his passions !  LOL  Besides, He already has everything Harley has ever made anyways !!


And YES, Bennie rode the Dragon too !!!  I got him a little pin to put on his coat (see up around the collar) and a patch that I will have sew on when I get home.


And a pin for my leather jacket.


So funny when we finally got home.  Bennie chowed down – poor little guy was starving – and went immediately TO BED !!  He was exhausted !!  Within minutes he was snoring.


We rode 174 Miles/280 KMS that day.  Jeeze, I don’t DRIVE that many miles in my RV in a day.  LOL

You will forgive me for not having any video or pics of this momentous occasion !!  Both hands were glued to the grips and eyes glued to the road !!  GULP !!  GULP !!  There is NO SHOULDER on this route and the drop DOWN is well….GULP !!

But Annette has one of those helmet cameras and got the whole thing on video.  She downloaded it onto a CD for me to watch – I got dizzy just watching the video !!  LOL  She’s also going to put it up on You Tube.  The following link is just before THE DRAGON she’s already put up on You Tube.  She says “Riding the Dragon with Sassy Rider..This vid is us leaving the HD store riding along the river and going up the mountain to the first overlook. The next vid, when I get it processed will be her actually riding the Dragon.”

I sooooo want one of those helmet cameras !!  No, Actually I really, really do NEED one of those cameras don’t you think !!!  Anybody out there that is feeling very generous and would like to buy me one – well let’s just say that I wouldn’t refuse !!  LOL

Didn’t know where I was but I did see “entering North Carolina” and when we left Deal’s Gap it took us 2 hours to get home – no stops !  Now normally I don’t put a State Sticker on my Map unless I’ve actually spent time in the State – doesn’t qualify for a Sticker if I just drive through the State.  BUT I’m damn well putting my North Carolina Sticker on the Map – I think riding THE DRAGON qualifies it !


  1. For your viewers, the body of water on the right is Tellico Lake. It was formed by the dam built in the late 1970's to back up the Little Tennessee River. It is the site of the great Snail Darter debate. The Snail Darters lost, as did a lot of small farm owners and ancient Cherokee sites. (I grew up there, that's how I know.)

    1. Thanks Page, I didn't know that. And how lucky for you to have grown up in such a breathtaking area !

  2. Way to go Sassy and Bennie! You've earned the pin, and the helmet cam should come, too, don't ya think? Fun ride. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Denise, Congrats on a great ride. You go girl !

  4. Congrats, Madame Dragonslayer! :) I'm glad Bennie got a pin, too!

  5. Congrats Sassy & Benny for doing The I envy you right now!! A trip I will do very soon.....


  6. Too bad it is prohibited for big rigs. I'd like that with our 40-footer!

  7. What a day, you must be pooped! Congratulations for keeping on the road in one piece. I like the new shirts.

    Bennie is so cute, they seem to be so in tune with our activities, then they just crash! Katie does the same thing. I always think, all she did is ride along, why is she so tired?

    And I definitely think you deserve a helmet cam! :)

  8. I can't believe how you have this much time to do all the things you do and still have time to write about it. You must be super woman!

  9. That's cool you got to ride the Dragon. Did take your picture?

    Stay safe. Chris from Indiana

    1. Chris, Not sure actually. I've had really slow Internet connection now for quite awhile so I haven't been able to look at the pics. There are several online though that Annette sent me links to.