Sunday, April 22, 2012


The rig is going in for the repairs tomorrow morning.  They are saying it’s going to take two weeks.  I am so thankful that they came through with another rig for me to stay in onsite.  Trying to pack a few things now to take over to the other rig – which I won’t get until tomorrow afternoon sometime.

But at least this way when I realize I’ve forgotten something (and that’s guaranteed to happen !) I can simply walk over to the Body Shop and get it.

I’ve been using this ‘downtime’ weekend to get a few things done.  I FINALLY got that BLIND CORRECTLY RE-STRUNG.  Glad to have that working properly again.

I also had a leak under the sink quite some time ago.  Still don’t know where it came from but it did damage the cupboard bottom.


So finally I got around to putting some Mac Tac on it.  Well this stuff is probably not called that anymore but I put that sticky stuff down.  And it’s a BITCH to put down in such a contained area – and of course not without creases in it.  Oh Well !!


Today my buddy Byron came to visit.  Byron posts regularly on the Blog either under Byron or more likely HarleyB.  He was FROZE by the time he got here.  It’s about an hour’s drive from where he lives in Toronto to where I am in Barrie.

Pretty scary creature don’t you think !! Look at his hands – he’s sooooo cold !!  LOL


He starts to ‘layer off’…..  Getting scarier !!


Yikes !  Now if he’d only get rid of that UGLY thing on his chin !!  LOL  He ‘says’ his wife likes it but I dunno about that.  He even had an elastic band around all that scruff !


We went for a short ride.  So glad I have all my heated gear.  On went the heated jacket AND the heated gloves – could have used my thermal long underwear on but didn’t realize I needed them until we were on the Highway.

Thankfully we didn’t go far – but it was sure nice to finally get out on the bike again.

Byron wanted to go to the Flea Market – LOVE a Flea Market.



Of course the first thing I eyed was this HD ‘butt’ can – didn’t buy it.



Somebody sure had a good idea to “re-use” (what I think are) these old coffee cans.  They had them painted in every ‘theme’ possible.  Even had one for us Newfies.


Typical flea market junk piled to the ceiling.


There must be lot of Newfoundlanders living in this area ‘cause they also have a Newfie store complete with all the goodies that one can only get there.  Like ZEST PICKLES !  Yummy !



“The Rock” or better known as “’Da Rock” is a term most commonly used when referring to Newfoundland.



Bennie didn’t join us today – far too cold for my little guy.  He sure was glad to see us when we got back though.  Did you know that dogs have no concept of time ?  It’s true !  You could be gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours and they don’t know the difference.


BIG – BAD – BIKER DUDE with my little boy.


And he’s geared up again to head back to Toronto.


Don’t let the beautiful sky and sun fool you.  It was 4C/39F later in the morning and reached a scorching 10C/50F by mid afternoon.

Byron, Thanks for dropping by to visit.  Loved hanging out with you and going for a wee ride.


  1. I'm still as ugly as ever, eh Denise!! I had a great short visit and nice to get down to the market in Barrie to see all the junk. Yeah it was cold but I thoroughly enjoyed coming up to see you...will get together again next week hopefully!! Benny sure is a cutie for sure!

    1. Looking forward to seeing you and riding with you again buddy ! Bring Judy the next time.

  2. Sounds like you had a good time with your friend. I have to ask is he that tall or is Bennie that tiny? Cause in that picture Bennie seems SOOO small. LOL

    1. Michelle, At 6' 4", Byron is a BIG BOY for sure !

  3. Duchess has no concept of time because she sleeps most of the time we're gone. I always wonder why guys grow those things on their chins too. I still haven't figured out why they think it makes them look better.

    1. Jeri, I figure if I nag him enough he'll shave it off ! LOL

  4. We saw a rider today and all I could think about was how miserably hot it had to be. 106 degrees and that hot engine between his legs. And now you are guys are freezing. Send a little of that cool air down this way please. And I don't like those beard thingies either.

  5. Your leak under the sink may just be that ring that holds the pieces together. Ours in our trailer would constantly work loose - finally we put a layer of duct tape around it. Not pretty, but it did the job - no more leaks !

  6. Jeeeezz, if I ever shave it off I'd send a picture!! LOL! I've always had the goatee but it will be cut down after riding season, it's a great way to catch lunck(bugs)!! My baddddd!!

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