Friday, March 9, 2012


Yup, It sure was a cold, rainy, windy day and I have exactly the same weather to look forward to tomorrow !!  GRRRRRR

So first things first.  Take care of my boy…




Close your eyes – you’re gonna see the inside of my cupboards !!

I decided to tackle a cupboard and put that silver insulation stuff on the outside wall.  Everything has to come out first….


And of course no job is done without first creating a MESS…


Took off all those stupid notices they have stuck on the back walls of the cupboard and behind the door.  Such a silly place to put these I think.



I re-stuck them to a sheet of paper and will put them in the folder I got with all the Manuals.


While I was sitting on the floor cutting that silver insulation stuff my boy got out of his bed and came to sit beside me ==== shivering.  Time to pull out the heavy artillery ===  Alice’s quilt !  Can’t have my little guy cold.  I put his bed on the couch and wrapped him up.


Insulation in place……….


That non-slip grip stuff cut to fit and placed….




But not everything that comes out goes back in.

I mean really !!!  How many glasses and mugs does one person need ??  These will get ‘da flick – or dropped off in a Goodwill bin if I’m passing by one.


And THAT Folks took me hours !!

Next up is to fix the string that broke in this blind.  This happened yesterday.  Anybody ever had to fix one of these ??

But that will wait until tomorrow – can’t be overexerting myself now can I.



During this whole process I was watching two guys (I think?) trying to put up this shelter – in all the wind.  Then they put a tarp on one side of it.  These must be hard core fishing people to be out in this disgusting weather.


Later they put up a second one and then I saw them struggling to put up a tent.  A TENT Folks !!!  They are sleeping here tonight in a TENT !!!  Oh Me Nerves !!

I just couldn’t seem to get warm today so (for the first time since I got my solar) I turned on the generator (GASP) so that I could run the furnace for awhile. 

Forecast here for tomorrow is exactly the same as today – oh joy oh bliss.

But then it warms up again.  YEAH !!


  1. We had nice sunshine today. Sorry you weren't here to enjoy it. But like Jim has always told me - fish certainly don't care if it is raining.

  2. You were more ambitious than we were! We just sat inside and looked outside, and read and played on the computer and ate and watched TV. and oh joy... another one of these days tomorrow!
    I hadnt thought about putting that insulative material inside the slides... will consider that.
    2 of our 3 blinds in the bedroom are like yours and the strings were broke. We finally tore them down a couple weeks ago and were going to install Cellular shades that we checked out at Lowes. But after we tore the broken shades out, we found out the Lowes where we were didnt have the ones we want, so now we have nothing! Cant wait to get it done, but will probably wait till we are back in Oregon where we dont have to pay tax.

  3. we had rain today I made cinammon buns and straightend the hangers in the closet!..riveting I tell you!!

  4. Heh Denise---sounds like BC weather---we had rain ALL day & it's the forecast for the next week. Spring flowers are blooming---but they are going to drown now.

    NFLD had another major snow storm---so you are better off where you are !!!!!

    Take care, Lynn, Vancouver.

  5. Sandie, Jim would love this spot I'm in now.

    Sheryl, I also played on the computer, read, napped, ate etc. LOL Love Oregon for the no tax !!

    Sue/Lynn, Ya I was talking with a friend in the Lower Mainland area and she told me it was pouring there !! UGH !!

  6. a blind in my van has a string broken, I havent seriously looked at it yet to see how it can be Ill be checking to see if you figure it out first! Great job on the clean out!!

  7. Rain, cold then sunshine. Just shows to go ya that the old saying about not liking the weather and waiting 5 minutes definitely applies to TX. Hang in there. Great job today BTW! I've been looking at RVs. And I looked at one that had a closet all the way across the back. I thought of you and the insulating you've been doing, and while I was considering it, the sales guy asked what I was doing. I told him. And he said, "That must be a girl thing." I didn't bother to reply. LOL. You go girl! :)

  8. Sondra, Haven't taken it apart yet but you can be sure that when I do I'll be posting it here !! LOL

    Debra, Since when is "insulating" a girl thing !! LOL These rigs are not made for cold temps and every little bit helps.

  9. Did you know you put that insulation on "inside out"?? LOL!!


  10. Bennie looks so cute all bundled up!

    Good job on the insulation. On cold mornings when I open my cupboards, I get a blast of cold air, so that should really help.

    You should run your generator every so often, anyway, right? Are you sure you need your generator on to run the furnace? I know everyone's systems are different, but mine runs right off the batteries. Like the overhead lights. The furnace fan takes a lot of battery power, but I don't need the generator to turn it on.

  11. Byron, You BAD ! Had to even stop and think on that one. LOL

    Barbara, I do still run my generator for the microwave, toaster, hair dryer. No, I normally would not need to run it for the furnace but it's been 4 or 5 days now without any sun and my batteries were getting low.