Thursday, March 8, 2012



I’m near blind looking on a gazillion websites trying to find a cheap, safe and nice place to stay.

I’ve been on the road now for 11 days and have driven about 1,250 miles so far – still got over 3,500 to go !!!

But it’s high time and well overdue for a STOP !!

I gave my EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT a ‘challenge’ to get me all the way home without having to pay anything for ‘campground’ fees.  Well she rose to this challenge in fine style, however, we both learned very quickly that once you are out of Arizona boondocking is not so easy to find – actually near IMPOSSIBLE would be a better word.

She did find this gorgeous little gem of a Park in small town Junction, TX – AND it’s right on a Lake.  What a bonus.  AND all of this for the incredibly low price of FREE !!

I got myself snugged in around some trees when I first pulled in there because the winds were HOWLING.  I was hoping for some protection.

Met a really nice couple from Quebec (the Class C parked in the pic).  They also are heading East – slowly – very slowly.


Ben and I took a little stroll to check out the PERFECT spot here to spend a week or more.


Sniffing – Sniffing --  Sniffing….


YES MOM !!  YES MOM !!  This is the spot !!




Got settled back in the rig for the night and cranked up the computer.  NO INTERNET ACCESS !!!  I just couldn’t believe it.

I knew I couldn’t stay anywhere where I didn’t have Internet access.  CRAP

So the search continued and a quick overnight in Kerrville was necessary.

Today while driving to my new location I see the big HARLEY DAVIDSON sign.  But I was on the opposite side of the Highway.  A quick gear shift into ‘U-TURN’ and in no time I was there.  A moment in history happened at this particular location.  I CAME OUT EMPTY HANDED !!  That is a first for sure.  Does that mean that I already have TOO MUCH stuff ??  NAW !!!


The drive today was NERVE RACKING to say the least.  Why does my EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT make me FANCY MAPS that take me through MAJOR CITIES !!??  Or better yet,  Why do they put a major Interstates right smack dab in the middle of a major city !!??  The traffic was flying – there were more overpasses and underpasses – and merging and exiting.  Branch off here – merge on there.  I did miss one ‘branch off’ but managed to get myself turned around within a mile.


The end result was worth it though.  A major score here I feel. 


Scoped out the area and at first I thought I was going to settle in right up there at the peak.  But after observing for awhile I realized that it was the ‘popular’ spot for the locals to fish during the day.


Bennie doing his job by helping me to decide…..


Got myself nicely snuggled in….


Major fishing happening here.  If I keep finding these ‘fishing’ places I’m just gonna have to start fishing myself.  Well the fishing part would be ok, but I wouldn’t be able to take (or see) the poor little fishes on that hook.

Doesn’t appear that Texas has any restrictions (like Arizona) with the number of fishing poles one person can have in the water ??



Can’t get much closer to water huh – and Bennie approves.


We’re in for some really NASTY weather for the next day or two.  It actually just started a few minutes ago.  30MPH wind gusts and thunderstorms.  The sky is black.  I’ll likely have to bring in my slides soon.

But I’m glad to be off the road.


  1. Both of these locations look great. Are you on 37S just south of San Antonio? Looks a little familiar as I just came up that way from a WomenRV GTG on Monday. Love to get the locations if you are willing to share.

  2. Those spots look absolutely fantastic but I know what you mean about not staying if there is NO INTERNET!!!

  3. Man, you are bookin'! Glad you're off the road for awhile. I am in the DFW area. The storm blew threw here headed your way, but didn't do anything. Would love specifics on the locations of both spots and am wondering too what you use for internet access (?). We future boondockers need to know. ;) I create a hotspot off my phone (part of my service). Would that have worked?

    Kerrville/Hunt/Ingram/Fredericksburg - beautiful country. Did you get to see any of it?

    You and Bennie stay safe!

  4. On your way south again to Texas are ya?? When are ya comin back this way north? Drive safe and take care.....


  5. Debra/Longdogs - The first pics are of a little Park in Junction, TX. I believe it was called Schreiner City Park. It is gorgeous there and FREE.

    The second set of pics are in the San Antonio area but I don't like to give specific locations online while I'm here. Remind me after I leave and I'll let you know exactly where it is.

    Jeri, Turns out the Internet connection was there - but very weak. My problem was my Verizon stick stopped working at the same time so I had to get a new one.

    Debra, I use the Verizon USB760 'stick' and buy monthly 'data'. Verizon is certainly the best in terms of coverage areas.

    Byron, I'm heading East - really !! LOL Just taking a short rest.

  6. Not even one night without internet, huh? It pains us, and we don't do it unless we must or it's too good a place to pass up.

    One good thing about Texas rest areas is that it's always okay to spend the night. Not beautiful, but permitted and safe-feeling. And mediocre free wifi.

    The Good Luck Duck

  7. Rox, I did spend the one night there and it was a l-o-n-g night without my entertainment of the Internet. I haven't done the O/N at a rest stop yet though. Not sure if I'd feel safe ??

  8. We share your frustration with the Interstates and Cities. I usually navigate us around the cities, even if it adds on the miles. I did that at San Antonio and Houston. It makes for seeing places we wouldnt see otherwise, too. We will check out the free city park that you mentioned. You still have 3500 miles?? where the heck you going??

  9. Another unscheduled HD stop????

    Hey, I did find you a couple nice spots.

    You're welcome