Friday, March 30, 2012


I have been tortured the last days from those mosquito bites.  I went to Walmart to get more mosquito coils; more rubbing alcohol and a product Dennis recommended…..which I didn’t like cause it’s too greasy.

I have TEN awful bites all on my left arm.  I continued to wonder why only my left arm.  Well I was able to solve that mystery.  I didn’t have these bites before I went to bed that night – Mr. Skeeter obviously brought his entire family to the feast.  I sleep on my right side and it was a warm night, therefore, my left arm was exposed.  Mystery solved !!  They all sure had a good time that night.

Even several days later this is what they look like.  But thankfully they do not itch quite as much now. 



After a Reader commented the other day about that Mosquito Lantern I went to the link she provided and remembered I have a Mosquito Repellent thingie !!!




Problem is that it runs on a butane (non-refillable) cartridge and Walmart does not have the re-fills !!

I put those mosquito coils EVERWHERE !!

03 - Copy

04 - Copy

Also finally got around to washing the Arizona Desert dust off the bike.



Mosquito coils protecting my ‘Patio’.



She’s sure pretty ain’t she !!



  1. You have a Thermacell!! Yippee. The first chance you get, get the butane and the little blue pads--it's amazing. You won't be sorry. I'll do anything to avoid mosquitoes--they love me. I also have a battery run tennis racket bug killer for inside the trailer. I keep it by my bed. Anything that's in the trailer is fair game and I delight in zapping it. I've probably had mine for 15 years. You could have avoided some of the bites you got inside.

    1. I ordered several butane refills and those blue pads through Amazon today. They will be delivered to a friends place in Chattanooga, TN which is going to be my next stop.

      I also already have one of those electric zappers things and use it frequently !

  2. Gotta get yourself up here where it's cold. NO MOSQUITOES!

    1. Peter/Bea, I'm delaying that COLD for as long as I can !! Brrrr

  3. Put one of those tent nets over your bed. I saw them at CTC. just attaches at the centre on the ceiling and drapes over your bed.

    1. BOB ! I'm in a motorhome not a tent ! LOL I've solved the problem (albeit a little late) by making sure the screen on the front door is always closed and the door from the garage to the living area is always closed.

      I was just so used to being able to leave everything open.

  4. Get a good product with DEET! When I went to Africa that's what I took since that place is known for mosquitoes and I didn't want any of them eating me. I did not receive one bite so it must have worked.

    1. Someone here told me to AVOID products that have DEET ????

  5. You make me itch just looking at the pictures. Mosquitoes seem to love my blood also so for that reason I really don't like summer's in Montana. Or anywhere else for that matter.

    The bike definitely is pretty.

  6. Those bites look awful. I hope they heal soon. I like the idea of the netting over the bed, coming down from the ceiling.

    I don't have anything for mosquitos except a little spray thing, "Off, Deep Woods Sportsman" by Johnson. It's a little clip-on spray bottle that I bought just in case.

    I haven't been in mosquito country yet, but last night there were a couple hundred little tiny flying things that got in. Those must have been the "noseeums" that get through the screens. Some a little bigger that I think bit me, but no bumps came up or itched. They fly around the light on the ceiling, and I take my sticky roller that I use for dog hair on the couch and roll it on the ceiling. Picks up those little critters real good!

    This is the first time in quite a while I've had flying insect issues.

    The bike looks real nice - does she have a name? "The Hulk" and ""The Princess?"

    1. Barbara, I also bought a spray while at Walmart. And I've also had the ceiling light filled with those teenie little flys. GREAT suggestion about using those sticky rollers. Would never have thought of that.

      The bike is called "Da Beast" 'cause when I first got it it looked so huge ! LOL

  7. Yeah she sure is puurrrdy, but you didn't put any shiddy coils around the bike....shame on you!! LOL!! You'll notice she runs better clean!!


  8. Sassy, read this blog on DIY mosquito repellent. I live in bayou country & it worked for me. It doesn't last as long as the spray on products, but I don't want to spray deet on myself!
    This is an easy recipie to make for yourself to keep on hand. (& legs, arms, face, etc)