Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Yesterday was a very difficult driving day. Drove from Sulphur, LA to Walker, LA.  Started out with very high winds whereby I had to hold the steering wheel very tightly with both hands.  That was for an hour or more and I thought that if it continued I would have to pull over for the day.  The extreme winds didn’t continue, however, it still was gusty for the rest of the driving.

The section of the I-10 was very rough also. RUFF RUFF RUFF !!!  What a racket in the rig with all the dishes clanging and anything that moved was banging against something.  Makes me wonder how these rigs stay put together !!

And then there was major Highway construction for miles and miles reducing the number of lanes.  WOW, They sure do make those lanes narrow when they put those barriers up.

First stop was the Harley dealer in Lake Charles, LA.  The smallest dealership that I’ve ever been into.  No surprise that I came out of this one empty handed.

Lake Charles Harley Davidson


Next stop was the Harley dealer in Scott, LA.  Much better !  Quite a nice store.



I wanted to get an oil change done on the bike.  I had checked my records and realized I was WAY overdue.  But without an appointment, they could not fit me in.

Got a new sign for the ‘garage’.  Not sure where it’s going in there yet as there is already a lot of signage on the walls !!  LOL


My GPS of yesterday was very busy – yes, even double sided !!!


By the time I landed in Walker, LA yesterday afternoon I was exhausted.  I felt like a truck had run over me.  That will happen when your neck and shoulders are so sore from gripping the wheel so tightly.

Ahhhh, On to today’s adventures with many stops planned.


  1. The weather out your way looks lousy so be very very careful. Couple of semi's flipped over on the news this morning. Yes, your other Mum is worried about you.

  2. WOW! Sounds like an awful drive. Glad you made it safely!

  3. How did you find those Harley Davidson dealerships?

  4. Driving in the wind is exhausting--especially if there's any traffic at all. At least out west when you get "moved over" you're not moved over into another vehicle.

    Seems like Mother Nature let us all think that she was going to be docile this year, and just decided to do a flip flop.

    I have a friend who was driving to Yosemite. They can't make it. They've hit wind, snow, and road closures. They've given up and are returning home--stuck in Arizona for a few days. I feel so sorry for them-so disappointing.

    Be careful. I think that system is moving east or maybe that's what you were in.

  5. If you stay on I-10 through New Orleans and on through, you will find out what really rough roads are like. You will bounce, bounce, bounce so be sure everything is well battened down.


  6. Wind and concrete barriers, NOT FUN! Stay Safe!

  7. Another reason why they are calling solo women fulltimers, "The New Pioneers." The sun is shining here today and the wind has died down - finally. I hope the same makes its way to you. Stay safe.

  8. Super nice in Q today, finally. I hate those hard driving days, my fingers go numb from gripping the wheel and I have to shake my hands and remember not to grip so hard. Yesterday I bought a padded steering wheel cover. Now if I can just get it on! I thought that might help.

    Take care - drive safe.