Sunday, March 11, 2012


I spent three nights at Braunig Lake Park which is in the San Antonio, Texas area.  Not to be confused with BRAUNIG LAKE RV RESORT which is far too expensive for my budget.

You can read about this wonderful, very inexpensive place HERE or  HERE or HERE.

Unfortunately, I was not able to truly appreciate and enjoy this lovely setting as Mother Nature had other plans and I am such a WUSS !!  So I spent two entire days not budging out the door !  No, Not even with Bennie.  I’d put his leash on and stand by the door and told him to be quick !!  LOL

I was amused enough by watching the group that set up TENTS (in the rain and wind) for the weekend. 


And had flags flying out of the back of their truck.


And watching all the birds….


And making yet another mess by insulating more cupboards….


And watching a new neighbour arrive….


And set-up.  Are they here for a GOOD TIME or a LONG TIME ??  Not a peep outta them.


Today (Sunday) the weather finally broke and I saw some blue sky for the first time in days and days.  And it was WARM.




They even have a few spots closer to the road that have FHU’s.  They are $20.00 a night though.


And sell bait on the way into the Park.


But when I got myself awake today I decided I would mosey on as my EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT had another delightful spot picked out for me.

This new spot is FREE and has FULL HOOK-UPS !!  I was curious to check this place out.

A sign I found amusing while going through this small town.


More about my new spot tomorrow as it was late by the time I arrived and I didn’t get a chance to look around.

But my first impressions are that this place is GORGEOUS !!


  1. I thought that might be where you were. Looked nice if you are set up to boondock which I know you are. Did you know that Braunig Lake RV Park takes Passport America 7 days a week which makes the price a lot more reasonable?

  2. Park looks really nice but can't say the same about the weather. This time of year you never know what to expect.

  3. Your weather definitely leaves much to be desired. Hope you're having sunshine now. And you have definitely found some great places to camp.

  4. Free FHUs? Wowza! Pull out your electric heaters! Those pictures are making me shiver ... maybe I should put on long pants.

    The Good Luck Duck

  5. Well you can't say your time was wasted furing the rain. You did get more insulation done.

    Can't wait to hear and see this free place with FHUs.

  6. I was going to say something about the tent campers, Gawd bless 'em, but instead I have to say, that sign at the very end there is pretty damned clever.
    Never hurts to know if the bridge is too low.
    Always a good thing to have a rainy day project. Hope it helps.

  7. Looking forward to my HUGE BONUS!!