Tuesday, March 13, 2012




At one point today the online temp. said 83F/28C but it sure felt hotter than that.  Very, very humid.  I now finally know what is meant by “but it’s a dry heat”.

Oh, I got this pic today from my EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT who lives in Coquitlam, British Columbia ….YUCK is all I can say.


I was wondering if there might be a Harley Davidson dealership close by.  Well turns out there are TWO within a 20 mile ride (different directions).  Decided to stop by one of them today.



I fear that I am developing some very bad habits !!!  Came out of this one empty handed also !!   Unbelievable !!  Might be an indication that I already have too much stuff….NAW !!

A short video of the area where the RV’s park.  Yes, Just like every other RV Park – they are parked very close huh.  I’m the third one from the left.  I wouldn’t be able to put out my awning if I wanted to.

And also not unlike a typical RV Park, there is always one who is very inconsiderate and leaves their dog outside barking its head off.

This video is just taken from a different direction.  The spots farther down from me have a little more space and I asked if I could move but was told no.  No reason given.

The Park is very pretty and well maintained with lots of picnic tables, bbq grills, restrooms, showers and garbage cans around.  Lots of open, grassy areas to enjoy and the locals like to come by during the day to walk and play with their kids.  Very quiet though.

It is well maintained – except for a very serious ant problem.  Or perhaps that is common in this area ??  I’ve never seen so many HUGE ant hills !!  They are everywhere.  All of us RV’ers here are running out to buy stuff to get rid of the ones that are closest to our rigs so that they don’t get inside.  One poor couple did get them inside and found them in their sink and numerous other places.  GROSS.


This one is right by my rear door.


That’s it for today Folks.


  1. At one time, Johnny Mancuso was the fastest man on two wheels, in the world. Harley drags are a very unique experience.

  2. I dread getting ants and we spray where ever we land when we are traveling. Icky, icky, icky.

  3. I know gasoline is expensive, but after dark go out n about and pour gas around the area....don't lite it, it would cause attention!! Or just put ngas in a spray bottle and spray the crap out of them (in your area)!!


  4. THOSE look like FIRE ants dont step on the hill they will swarm all over your feet, the dog too, so steer clear! Another wonderful non native species that has taken over here in the south.

  5. We picked up some ants a couple years ago. It was no fun getting rid of them. Since then I've learned to take Comet and put it around the tires and cords so they don't hitch a ride. I agree with Sondra in that those were fire ants!

    The park is pretty with all that green grass. It's a shame they wouldn't let you move but we just left a place that would have made those spots look spacious!!

  6. That looks like a beautiful park, nice grass - such a shame they squish the RVs so close together!

    Don't you just hate it when you're not allowed to move to a different site? What do they care, it's just a little bookkeeping for them, and keeps a customer happy. You're the one doing the work of moving.

    Are you enjoying having hookups and lots of water?