Saturday, March 24, 2012


While recovering from the 'incident' in Mobile, AL I decided to tackle the MUD FLAP.  Turns out the size I have can’t be bought.  So I had to buy a large one and cut it to size.


I got myself set up in the garage and ‘paper clipped’ the original to the new one so that I could cut it exactly.  YES, I DO have clamps – several actually – and several different kinds – but they are in the JAMMED COMPARTMENT – which, BTW, I’ve made several attempts to open with NO luck.  And of course, as luck would have it, that is where most of my tools, tapes, CROW BAR is !!


Got my box cutter knife out with a new and very sharp blade….


I scored it as best I could, however, this was going to be a very long and difficult process.  So out came the heavy guns – my hammer !!


I can just see LMJ and Byron laughing their faces off at my ‘baby’ hammer.  I DO have a real hammer – this one was just closer.

It’s a slow process – but I am seeing some progress….


Finally I have it cut out………… PERFECTION I might add !!


Now all I have to do is drill the holes for the screws and put it on.  Have to wait for some good weather (which I’m having now) to do that. This was 3 days ago.


Two days ago I had a really bad driving day… So much so that people were driving with their flashers on.




Actually I didn’t mind it.  I stayed in the right lane and kept my speed steady.  It’s when I heard the LOUD SCREEEEEEECH that I near jumped outta my skin!  Since the ‘incident’ my nerves are a little frayed !!!

WTF now I thought !!??   When you’re on the Interstate you don’t just pull off the road.  So the next Exit I did and turns out it was the LP Gas Detector.  You see the light is supposed to be GREEN

01 - Copy

NOT RED………….

01 - Copy

I looked around and checked the obvious things.  Nothing out of order that I could see.

Actually I hadn’t really paid any attention to this little detector before because it’s tucked down very close to the floor beside the passenger seat and you can’t see it.

Also, I didn’t know there was a difference between an “LP Gas Detector” and a “Carbon Monoxide Detector”.  Now C’MON – tell me I’m NOT the only one here who didn’t know there was a difference !!!

And the fact that it only went off for about 5 seconds at the most AND the carbon monoxide detectors didn’t go off….well….

Of course all kinds of thoughts went through my head.  “Did I break a gas line when I had the ‘incident’ ?”  Is gas leaking into the coach right now ?  “Is that why I slept so well last night?”

Thankfully the GODS were with me and very shortly after I got back on the Interstate I saw a big sign for Dixie RV Super Store.  Had to wait for about an hour before a tech could look at it.  AND wouldn’t you know it, the light was GREEN when he did !!!  He did do a gas leak test and that came out showing no leaks.  He assured me I was safe !!  Still a mystery why it went off ???

And of course the next stop I made I checked it again – RED !!!  So I will have to have that looked into further.

I’m finally settled now into another gorgeous spot and hope to be here for about a week.


  1. As the saying goes, "if you didn't have bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all". I am so sorry you have had such rotten things happen. Will be crossing my fingers that things will change soon.

  2. It sounds like your gas gauge has PMS. However, now that it's over with let's hope it stays that way.

  3. I hoped I wouldn't be the one to say this, but LP detectors detect ... erm, other gases, too. Maybe Bennie was napping too close?

  4. Oh, that Duck beat me to it! Flatulent felines could do it too I suppose, but only due to alliteration.
    I think there's a cat littler pun in there, but I can't come up with it.

  5. Sassy, yer a piece of work, aren't ya??!! You make me laugh, I thought you were going to say you went through several blades by smacking it with your hammer...yer too funny!! Always enjoy your and ride safe ....


  6. This is Lake Seminole where I stayed for a couple of days at the COE Eastbank Campground in 2007. Chattahoochee, FL nearby is a very nice little town.