Sunday, March 25, 2012


Friends of mine from British Columbia already have a 5th Wheel and would love to get on the road.  I think ‘fear of the unknown’ is perhaps one of the things that is stopping them.  One said “I’m afraid I might get bored.”  Who has time to get bored !!  At least when you encounter as many (mis) adventures as I do !!  LOL

Damn LP Detector woke me up in the middle of the night last night SCREEEEECHING again !!  I’ve been checking it regularly since it SCREEEEECHED on me while driving through torrential rains on the Interstate the other day.  Sometimes it’s GREEN (good); sometimes it’s ORANGE (not good); and sometimes it’s RED (bad).

I hauled the damn thing out today !!  Unhooked the wires and that’s the way it will stay until I can determine exactly what the problem is !!  I will check the Manufacturer’s website and post my problem on the RV Website I frequent.  Hopefully I’ll get an answer – or have to buy a new one.  It is a mystery why it can be fine (GREEN) for days and then SCREEEEEECH !


Spent another hour today trying to pry open that jammed compartment door == NO LUCK.  That sucka’ is sure stuck. I also sent off an e-mail to the Mayor of the City of Slidell, LA with all my pics attached asking for the repair of that dangerous ditch AND re-imbursement for my damages.  We’ll see…………


Next up was getting that Mud Flap put on….. Got my creepie, crawlie thing out….


And the Mud Flap holes drilled and the screws put in place…..


And crawled under the rig, behind the steps, pushing myself up to the tire and struggled and stretched and hurt my neck ---- only to have a DUH moment.  I could reach the screws simply from the outside with minimal stretching, no crawling under the rig and NO hurting of my neck !!  Ya, Go ahead – laugh at me !!  OH, NOTE TO SELF – Take your shower AFTER you tackle those dirty jobs not BEFORE !!


THEN I went into another compartment to get something and noticed it was WET – actually it was SOAKING WET !!  I checked a few others and same thing – although the further to the rear of the Coach I went the less wet the compartments were.  This was on the same side where the ‘incident’ happened.

So I had to haul everything out of them to dry the items out and left the doors open all day to dry the compartments out.



Why are the compartments wet ? 

How did they get wet ? 

Did I do damage to the water tank during the ‘incident’ ? 

Was it because there was no Mud Flap on that side and I did just drive through very heavy rains ?

Then I noticed the water tank was bulging ?  On the side and also on the front. 

Was it always bulging ? 

Or is this recent ?

Why is it bulging ?


Seein’ as I already had my creepie, crawlie thing out I got under the rig (again) and checked things out.  No obvious leak anywhere.  Everything looked fine.  Not even a scratch on the bottom of the tank.  The compartments doors had taken all the hit from the ditch.  Another mystery to solve !!

Next up was hauling the hose out to clean off the front step.  Because of no Mud Flap it was very muddy.


Then I put up my new HD sign – Byron is happy now !


And a sticker I had also bought recently.


And where to put all these mini stickers ?  I love the sayings on some of them.


This one had to go on the back of my helmet !!  This one is especially for my Buddy, Gerard, in NL.  Yes, There’s a story behind that !!  LOL




WHEW !  Time for a nap.  When I woke up I heard his sound – a hissing like sound.  WTF now !!!  I followed the sound to discover my (fairly new) 50’ hose had sprung a leak.


YUP, As a Reader just said recently “if you didn't have bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all”.  Hope that turns around soon. !!

Oh, Another thing – I lost another hour – not sure when I lost it but I did !  LOL 


  1. Hope everything gets back to normal for you soon.

  2. "When it rains it pours." Glad to hear you're going after the city for the damage. The unfortunate part is that it's hard to tell just how much damage was actually done.

    I'd be interested to know where the water came from in your bays.

    Glad you have a sense of humor--it helps in times like these.

  3. Maybe the compartment doors aren't fitting right now after the "incident" and they leak.I thought it looked like that might be the problem.

  4. I agree with Darlene, since you went through a bad rain I bet your compartment doors are leaking. A quick way to find out for sure; take your hose and spray them see if water gets in the compartments. Hope that's what it is. Our Lp detector did that once. We had to replace it. Even hairspray set it off! lol they said something about dust affecting it.

  5. We are laughing at you cuz it sounds like our trip from hell on the way to NB in 2010. every time we stopped, there was another problem. ie: flat tire, water hose burst, water inside from snow coming in, stolen trailer license plate and best part, awning blew over the trailer. Should we go on. Denise, we sympathise with you.

  6. Denise, you're asking where we are staying on-da-road. We're staying anywhere where there is a chance of a good nights sleep. Last night in a rest area in AR. Then we dound out AR does not permit overnighting in rest areas. But what the h...
    We slep well, at least I did.
    Yeah we're goin' home to NB. You stopping by there on Campobello Island? (Free camping below our house!!)

  7. Re.: the water problem. We have a leak somewhere on top of the tank. I need to replace the entire bottom plate under tank this summer. Overfilling the tank was the reason with us, I think. Do you have insurance for your rig? They may pay for damages. Good idea to send letter to Mayor. Would have done the same.

  8. Not being able to open that compartment door would drive me nuts! Not sure if you'd damage it any worse by prying it open though.
    Water tanks do tend to have flexible sides, so the water may very well have come up from the road. We made a rather unfortunate discovery once upon a time when we found that one compartment just behind the passenger side dually would leak. Used a "tote" after that for anything we wanted to keep in there.
    It sucks, but sometimes those compartments are not overly weather tight.

  9. Always good for a chuckle, we're not laughin at ya...we're laughin with ya!! Love the Harley stickers and they are good ones for sure!!


  10. Hopefully the water sprayed up from the pavement. I 'dig' [does that show my age or what?!] your Harley sign and stickers, too. Especially 'you just got passed by a girl'; that would be for all those 'boys' who still think a woman's place is behind a man a couple of paces or two - especially on a bike! Rock on sista'!

  11. I'll have to get one for my helmet that says just passed an old lady in a walker

    Love Gerard

  12. I'll have to get one for my helmet that says just passed an old lady in a walker

    Love Gerard

  13. Oh you BRAT !! You just wait until I get home and blow you away AGAIN on the Highway !! hehehehe

  14. I hope the city pays attention. But not so sure about that. When I got hurt here in Texas on a street, their excuse was that it's a state funded street, not city. You can't sue or get anything from the state! That sucked big time.

    Any time my sensor goes off, it's usually battery related. Maybe get a battery operated one to see how it acts to be sure it's not anything serious.

    And why don't motorhomes come with mudflaps! Drives me crazy!!!

  15. WOW! if it's Not one thing, then it's another! Love the new signs,