Thursday, March 15, 2012




Sure saving a bundle on propane. No heat needed at all. Nope, Not even in the evenings nor early mornings.

Despite the fact that RAIN has been showing in the forecast for every day – we haven’t seen any at all. But someone is getting it ‘cause those skies sure look dark in places.


Barbara asked “Are you enjoying having hook-ups and lots of water?”

Funny thing about that. I haven’t changed my habits very much. No, I don’t ‘conserve’ as far as the water goes but other than that (since I got the solar) things are pretty much the same. I guess I’ve developed ‘boondocking’ habits and they are now part of my life. I’m not an energy hog anyways so that hasn’t changed.

Harriet said “It's great but someone has to pay the piper.”

I have been told it is a County Park and they want to encourage people to visit the Town to spend money of course. I have found several ‘county’ or ‘city’ Parks that offer free stays but admittedly this is the first one with FHU’s. It’s been here for years and I was also told that just a few years ago they put the concrete slabs in for the RV’s to park on. The Park only has 8 FHU sites though.

Bob asked “is it Correctional Services Property?”

LOL – No, But with my temper it probably wouldn’t surprise anyone if I ended up in a place like that !


Yesterday morning I had to troubleshoot an electrical problem……Well sort of. This is the first time I’ve had hook-ups since I got my solar. So I haven’t been paying attention to the readings on my little panel that tell me what my batteries are at. The other night though I noticed it was showing 12.2 ?? That is low. The following morning it showed 11.8 – this is serious !! Yet my ‘electrical’ was working in that all the plugs were working and my microwave was on.

Posted my question on the RV Website I visit and talked to friends from Richmond, B.C. to try and figure out what the problem was. Several things to check out were suggested. Turns out the Converter breaker had tripped and once I reset it everything was fine again. Still don’t know what (if anything) I did to cause this.

Then I decided to tackle that broken string in one of the blinds.







Hmmmm, This doesn’t look like it’s going to be an easy task. Called a Camping World that’s fairly close by and sure they do re-string them – for a mere labour rate of $120 an hour – with an estimated two hours labour because they are so tedious to do.

PLAN B needs to be put in place IMMEDIATELY !! Oh, I don’t have a PLAN B !! Camping World did say they do sell the “re-stringing kit” for $20.00. So looks like I’ll be going that route. Haven’t got it yet so stay tuned for that job that I’m sure is going to turn into a fiasco and likely may never get done.

In the meantime I put a towel over that window at night………hey, that’s ok ….. maybe I’ll even get a matching colour towel and say JOB DONE !!


Today I took off on the bike for the day. Needed to get away from my depressive and anxiety ridden mood (more Condo woes).

Rode to Conroe, TX where I came out relatively unscathed. The obligatory T-Shirt; a sticker and a floor mat. They had a pair of boots there (that I really do need) that were exactly what I was looking for – but at $180.00 plus tax I passed on them.



Didn’t buy a thing at The Woodlands location.





Byron, You know that I’m only visiting these Dealers and taking these pics JUST FOR YOU !! LOL


I dropped the bike today…


I said I dropped the bike today….

Speak up – we can’t hear you !!

I said I dropped the bike today….!!!

Don’t know how/what happened but I was coming to a stop at an intersection to make a turn. Next thing I know I’ve lost my balance and she started to go down. I tried to stop it but didn’t have the strength. I held on for as long as possible to ease the fall so no damage was done.

Poor Bennie got rolled around a little. Guy came up behind me and helped me pick the bike back up. Then it wouldn’t start. That took a few minutes. I was only a few miles from home.

The only thing I can mark it up to was that I was way beyond my fatigue level and was anxious to get home, get the helmet off and relax.

Also noticed that my wrist is slightly bruised. I guess it got twisted a little trying to hold the bike while it was going down.


  1. Heh Denise---you sure were lucky that you---Bennie or the bike didn't get hurt. Those machines are heavy---especially when they are falling !!!!!

    Take it easy---look after the wrist.
    Rain finally took a break up here.

    Lynn. Vancouver, BC.

  2. Reading along.

    Reading along.

    Heart rate normal.

    "...she started going down".

    WHAT? Oh...oh... (control breathing) That can make a feller's butt clench right up.
    I'm not even a biker kind of guy, but when you talk about the bike coming down like that.
    Got a little light headed there.

    Hope you're OK.
    (hope the bike is OK, can I say that?)


    Maybe, I don't know. *rest up* before going out on that thing? Just sayin'.

  3. Hey Girl.....been there done that more than once at intersections when there was a depression in the pavement or pot hole where you place your foot ......doesn't take much and once it reaches that angle you are going down......happy to hear you are ok and someone was kind enough to help you.
    Take Care


  4. Everyone has dropped their bike. If they say they haven't, they're lying. Chalk it up as experience and move on.

  5. Re.: Re-stringing that blind. I looked at ours. What you need is a sewing needle to stcik through the holes.
    You were lucky with that bike drop, Denise. Your bike is a heavy one, Don't think I could lift it up.

  6. Glad you, Bennie, and the bike came out ok on that adventure!

  7. Hey girl, I've dropped mine twice - both at stops! One was at an intersection that was on a major incline and the tilt just got away from me, and another was from pushing/shuffling backward too fast into a parking space. I had a passenger (human, not dog on the 1st one) - very scary and fortunately on the 2nd one it wasn't so tight that I touched another bike. I was driving a Road King at the time. Had to have help getting mine up too.

    Glad nice folk were around. Glad Bennie wasn't hurt and I hope your wrist heals quickly. Glad that's all that happened. Your bike probably flooded. Other than that, I hope it's okay too. Big hugZ!

  8. Not happy to read about you dropping the bike but so happy to hear that you and Bennie and the bike are okay. Well, maybe not that wrist though. Please take care of yourself and no more bike riding when totally wiped out from exhaustion.

    Paul has restrung a couple of his blinds and may have some bright ideas of an easier way to do it. I know he cussed a lot.

  9. Well, darn! The only thing I can think of is that something interrupted my train of thought (very easy) and I thought I had read your whole post.

    I remember because I was going to comment that I read that if you have to restring blinds, do it with fishing line. It's much stronger.

    That's scary--I've only ridden ON a bike once in my life and I didn't like the ground moving so fast right beneath me. Thank goodness Bennie's okay, too.

    Ara over at Oasis of my Soul has a helmet and goggles for his pup, Spirit.

  10. What's that biker saying -- there are two kinds of bikers, those who have already dropped their bikes and those who are going to drop their bikes. I'm a terrible paraphraser, I know. I have dropped a bike, but it was DH's bike - not mine! Glad you and Bennie are okay [and your bike!]. Take care of that wrist; enjoy kicking back and taking a moment or two!

  11. That's scary, but I can see how it could happen if you're tired. I'm glad you have Bennie in a hard case that's securely tied down and that you are both okay. And the bike, too. :)

  12. Sassy, I'm just catchin up from March13....I've been busy in Ottawa twice in 1 week!! Dropping the bike is a part of riding, unfortunately!! Been there, done dat!! I just started at the most recent blog and read down to this one, looks like yer still "on the go" but havin fun. It's not nice to pass a HD dealer and your assistant should be scolded for not telling you, LOL!!

  13. ....and never try to hold the bike up once yer pass that point....let er go, more damage can be done to you and your health!! .....I'll show you how to pick up your bike when you come through Toronto.