Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I want to THANK everyone for their comments and well wishes.  I can tell you the ‘incident’ (as I’m now calling it) sure has taken a toll on me.

Everybody knows that when you have a rig my size you make your turns are WIDE.

I know that I have to make my turns WIDE.

I always make my turns WIDE.

So why didn’t I make my turn WIDE this time ?  Well I thought I had !!

I was coming off a side street to make a right hand turn onto a very busy street (in order to get back on the Interstate).

10 - Copy

Obviously I didn’t make the turn WIDE enough !! 

What a frikkin’ fright I got !!  I had absolutely no clue what had happened.  I was on a normal street making a normal turn.  Suddenly CLUNK – BANG – CRASH.  And the rig was on it’s side.

Guy behind me got out and we both surveyed the situation.  He suggested I trying backing up to get over the culvert as going forward certainly was not an option.

08 - Copy

Tried that but she wouldn’t budge.  Tried that again – she wouldn’t budge.

We talked about needing to call a towing company to “lift” me out.

He suggested I go ahead a little and then kinda made a “run for it” going backwards……knowing full well that every movement was causing even more damage – but I got ‘er out !!

The pics don’t really show how DEEP this hole was.  It was DEEP !


02 - Copy

I immediately pulled over into a Truck Stop (which was just across the street) and checked things out.  I was AFRAID to open the door to the garage !!  Thankfully only a small cabinet I have in there fell over.


Later in the day I took my Exit for the Walmart I was heading to.  I was going over the Interstate on a busy two lane street.  I saw this 18 wheelie on my left passing me – I was in the right hand slower lane.  He was only about 1/2 way passed me and suddenly he pulls over into my lane !!  I had to slam on the brakes as hard as I could.  I simply don’t know how he missed me and didn’t total my rig !!!  The on-ramp for the Interstate was just in front of me and that’s where he wanted to get to – at the expense of nearly a bad accident.

Ah but wait – the day isn’t done yet !!!  Yes, There’s still more !!!  I finally settle into my spot at Walmart, crank up the Internet – can’t get on the Internet – something is wrong with my Verizon ‘stick’.  I spent the next hours trying to troubleshoot that.  I didn’t get to bed until 2:00AM because I was so wired.

I knew I wasn’t going anywhere today – I needed to recover from yesterday.  I used the day to do some errands like laundry etc.

I was nervous driving today.  I’m NEVER nervous driving.  But I tell ya, I was overly, overly, overly cautious !!!

I was noticing my driving habits also while turning.  Yes, I take the turns wide.  As I’m taking the turn I instinctively glance over to the passenger mirror to see what the rear of that side is doing while I’m turning.  Clearly I didn’t do that yesterday because if I had I would have seen the ditch !!  No idea why I didn’t do it yesterday ?  It all happened so fast.


  1. Just my opinion, Sassy, but a hole that big should have been marked--especially as close to a busy turn as you were. I'm just glad you and Bennie are okay, but I think I would question the county or whoever is responsible for that little bit of real estate. I think it's a clear cut instance of neglect.

    As far as the 18 wheeler, I've had some close calls with people changing lanes to avoid missing an exit and they darn near run you off the road.

  2. I completely agree and certainly will be sending an e-mail to the City/County.

  3. We talked about that hole in the road too. It was an accident waiting to happen. You need to relax now and realize it could have been much worse. Some drivers are very courteous and others are rotten. Glad you and Bennie aren't hurt. That's the most important thing. Take care!!

  4. So glad you two are okay, i almost fainted when I saw the hulk in that predicament, Is it still drivable for you to get back to Canada?
    Must have scared Bennie to hear all the racket.
    I know we have all had moments that we wonder what was I thinking or doing that we got in the predicament.

  5. Thanks Jeri. Doing my best now to relax and put it behind me.

    Darlene, Yes it's ok to continue driving. First thing I checked were the tires and to see if anything was leaking. The frame via the compartments took the brunt of it.

  6. Denise---sure am glad you came through yesterday unscathed---except for your nerves. Things can happen so quickly---

    Glad the semi missed you---most truck drivers are so good & helpful---but there is always a bad apple in the pack---why did you have to meet him ???????

    Take care, rest up, before heading on a long day of driving----you still have so many miles ahead of you before arriving back on the rock.

    Lynn, Vancouver.

  7. Lynn, Ya the old nerves sure got a beating ! LOL Looking for a place now to park for a week or so.

  8. Don't beat yourself up about it things happen. As long as you and Bennie are ok, just rest and relax for a day or two, contact your insurance company and then move on.
    Live and learn.

  9. I want to cry. I finally have an internet connection and am just catching up. I am soooo sorry this happened to you. But so glad you and Bennie are okay - well not your nerves but you know. Any tire damage? What does your insurance company say about going after the county/city for that hole?

  10. Sorry to read this. But sure am glad you and Bennie are OK. Shook up but OK.

    How can a ditch so close to the road not have a metal grate over it?

    Be safe.

  11. Sassy,

    Everybody makes mistakes. I almost ripped out a power pole from our spot back in 2010! I always check for clearance around the rig but this time, nope, that could have been expensive!

    Sometimes we zone out or something I guess. I hope the damage isn't too bad and things pick up for you. If you were local I'd have been happy to fix your Verizon issue for you. :)

    I hope today is a much better day!


  12. I hope your insurance can fix you up as good as new.
    We have deep ditches like that all over the place here. Very few are marked. It's common around here as they are big drainage ditches. My house was like that. I put markers at my driveway, but they were always vandalized. Everyone knew to be careful with the driveways, yet, it still happened. I drove off the edge once & never did it again! My husband miscalculated once too & got the other side. So it happens.
    They are like what your photo shows on city streets too.
    I'm really sorry that this happened to you & Bennie!

  13. Body and soul is good...just try and forget it and not worry too much about it!! That happened in the past, just be careful and that's all you can do....enjoy the ride and you know it WON'T happen anymore!!