Friday, March 9, 2012


Yesterday I was melting with the heat.  It was in the low 80’s and very humid.

Today I’m near froze to death !!  LOL  Right now (10:00AM) it is only 46F/8C and the online forecast says it’s only going to a high of 52F/11C.  Brrrrrrrr

I did end up having to bring the slides in last night.  The toppers were flapping madly and making such a racket, scaring my poor little Bennie.  Plus I feared they would get ripped.  Sure made for tight quarters for the evening.

Looks like I’m going to have to endure two days of this and the temps are supposed to go back to normal by Monday.

By looking at the Lake, the winds still seems to be quite high, but I’m able to put my slides out again.  Perhaps the winds changed direction ??

Here’s what it saying online:

“Patches of rain with isolated showers and thunderstorms will move northeast at 20 to 30 mph across south central Texas and The Hill Country. Rainfall amounts will average less than one quarter inch with isolated amounts up to one inch possible. Small hail is possible with the stronger storms.”

But hey, I have lots of propane for heat; lots of food and water; lots of Alice’s quilts to snuggle up into.

Despite the awful weather, the locals are here fishing – although not as many as yesterday.

Oh, I also moved the rig to the other side of the road last night as soon as the winds started.  I feared the winds and the rain would pour over the edge and I’d wake up to the rig floating in the Lake !!!  The rain didn’t amount to much but I sure felt safer.

Good time to get some of the chores done inside that I’ve been putting off……or not.  LOL  We’ll see.


  1. We are sharing your weather! Not sure where you are. You said you passed through Junction a couple days ago, but where did you land? It is too bad we couldnt have met. Fellow RVers AND Bikers would be a real treat!

  2. Slides in! You're living like the other half now! :D Of course, your rig isn't really set up for slide-in living.

    We didn't bother to take a back-in site in Q, and boy, was it loud last night!

  3. Finally have a decent internet connection (it's been horrible the last five days) so I'm getting caught up with you. You've made some great progress going east. But I agree, it's time for a break. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so you can get the bike out. Miss you.

  4. At least in your own little quarters you can get by just fine even if the weather is bad. I think our bad weather is finally someplace else and we're glad for that. Take care.

  5. Adding the insulation is a good idea. Barny did his and he said it made a big difference. I remember last winter how cold you were.