Thursday, March 22, 2012


Finally getting around to post about the time before the ‘incident’.

It truly did start out as a good day.  First stop was a mere 20 miles for a Camping World stop in Hammond, LA.  I LOVE this place – they have so many cool things for RV’ers -  second only to a Harley Davidson store of course.

Finally got the last screen for the outside furnace vent.  While in Yuma I got the other two and have them on.  Now this task is complete – well not quite yet as I haven’t put it on yet.  No pesky little insects making their home in my rig !!


And I got the re-string kit for my broken blind.  As soon as I find a place to settle in for awhile I’ll tackle that job.



I saw these slide guards on a rig recently so when I saw them at Camping World I decided to get them.  Knocking your head on the corners of those slides HURTS !!  Maybe these will soften the blow a bit ??


And this lantern is the coolest thing !!!  It was being discontinued and therefore on sale for $22.00 when the regular price was over $60.00


Probably because they are selling the ‘quad’ model now – but look at the price !!


The two sides can be taken off and carried to wherever you’re going.  Great lantern for the garage area.


While driving out of this Camping World location I noticed this very pretty little spot with hook-ups.  Apparently it is used for ‘new owner orientation’.  Good stuff I say.


Next stop was the Harley Davidson Dealership which was also in Hammond, LA



Back on the Interstate to Slidell, LA for another stop….


It was right after leaving this place that the ‘incident’ happened. But we’re not talking about that anymore.

Today I drove a measly (and very cautious) 67 miles to Pensacola, FL where I’m parked for the night.


  1. Denise are you waiting to get back home for repairs or waiting until next winter and going to Mexico where it's a lot cheaper. Check out Tioga George he's having work done there now.

    It's about time.

  2. Hey, you got good stuff! I have a LED lantern that is just awful, I can hardly see to read with it. I like all the light your new one has.

  3. Hope you are doing okay and the repair bill isn't too major. Sounds like you are able to travel without further damage so it must all be cosmetic.

  4. Sometimes it's better to move your thoughts to other things. Hopefully, everything will be okay and you'll be on your way without any other problems.

  5. You know, I've never even been in a Camping World yet. I'd love to go be in a place with so much RV stuff! Actually, it's probably a good thing I haven't been in one yet! I see the slide protectors keep children safe. That's good, 'cause I think you're definitely young at heart! Besides, we're all indulging our inner child, eh? What a lovely overnight area the CW has. Sheesh, beats the heck outta "resorts" we've stayed at!

  6. how did you get from LA to FL in one day? Am I missing something here. Skype me and we can talk about Da Insident.

  7. Never mind that geography boo boo, just looked at the map and there is a little arm coming out on the west of Florida where Pensacola is. However, you can skype tonight around 7 and we can talk. chow.

  8. Rick/Kathy, Not sure yet what I am going to do about the repairs. I'll likely get an estimate somewhere in the States & then compare that estimate to one I'll get at home. WON'T be going to Mexico !!

  9. LMJ, No Skype 'cause where I am now has a very weak Internet signal.

  10. If you can spend some r&r time at Destin, fl. great beaches, beautiful area and good food. Go to O'Bryan's Pub, they make their own home made root beer.
    mmmm good

  11. Woah, you are in La now?? I knew I was behind on my blog reading, but I had no idea how FAR behind I've gotten! Wow. You probably passed right through my back yard ;-)
    Cool deal on those finds. CW is like an RVer's candy store. I try to avoid it because I love gadgets!

  12. Spent last winter in that area, in Navarre, Fl at Emerald Bch RV, great place, great people!!! Wonderful sand/shells/ocean!
    Take Care

  13. Whew! Am finally caught up to where I left off. Wow, you have really been through the ringer. I'm so sorry and have my fingers crossed for you that the rest of your stay where you are now (4/2) is uneventful.

    A couple of things....

    1) I am a biologist and believe it or not it's not well known but some people are allergic to mosquito bites. They carry a saliva that causes the rash and irritation you've shown. Unfortunately, we have that in common. :( They will heal in time but can also get infected easily so be careful. Someone mentioned benadryl. Anything medicinal like that will work quickly and help retard the bite zone from spreading (due to the allergy).

    2) I would LOVE to own your former C-class. What a beauty! Unfortunately, I am not in a position to do anything without financing and I lost my home after my surgery in '08 so traditional financing is out of the question. If you ever meet anyone that is willing to owner-finance a stable, educated woman with tons of references and only one glitch on her record, I'm your girl (or theirs, I guess I should say)! :)

    Love your blog. Am proud of you and all you do. Hang in there. HugZ to you and Bennie, D

  14. That is a good looking spot to park the RV! Very nices trees and pond scenery. I hope that you had a lot of fun on your trip. A lot of the products that you show that you purchased are products that I have also gotten for myself. I had to get the flying insect screen immediately! I ordered mine from Makarios RV because I heard they have great service and could ship the same day to my camp site.