Saturday, March 31, 2012


Thursday I was out and about on the bike.  When I got home I forgot to turn the lights off – which of course I didn’t realize until later that day when I went to go out again.

Yup, DEAD BATTERY.  No problem, I have a trickle charger – actually I have TWO but that’s another story !!  LOL

Hooked up the trickle charger for overnight and tried it again yesterday ----- NOTHING !!

In order to get at the battery you have to take the seat off.  I don’t have the right gizmo thingie for that ( I do NOW I can assure you ) !!  This happened to me last Fall while I was in Osoyoos, BC and a fellow rider who was staying at the Park got the seat off to discover the terminal connections to the battery were loose.  Tightened them up, put the charger on again and the battery charged and everything has been fine since.

I was hoping it was going to be something simple like that – but first I had to get the seat off.

Called CAA/AAA, guy comes out and doesn’t have the right thingie to get the seat off.  It only an allen key ( I didn’t have the right size )  !!  He leaves.  CAA/AAA call me back to say their drivers are not required to have such tools on their trucks !!  The only way they can help me is to have the bike TOWED somewhere.

I pondered my situation and decided to see if I can get someone local to come out here (knowing full well I would have to pay that cost).  I got lucky – very lucky.  This young man was fabulous and he is also a fellow rider, as is his Brother and Father (who owns the Auto/Towing Company). So he knows his way around a motorcycle.



Got the seat off in a matter of seconds and determined the terminal connections were not loose – so why wasn’t it charging ??  Put his jumper cables on but still nothing.


Roger was PERSISTENT !!  But no matter what he tried the bike wouldn’t start.  It would ‘turn-over’ like it was about to but just couldn’t seem to get enough juice to start.


Throughout all of this it was RAINING – sometimes very heavily !!  But Roger wasn’t giving up !



He decided to go back to his shop to get another motorcycle battery to try that – to determine if the problem was indeed my battery – or something else.

As soon as he put the other battery in she started up right away.  OH WHAT A LOVELY SOUND !!

By this time it is almost 8:00PM (last night) and yet he calls around a few places to see if he can get me a new battery. NO LUCK.

He finally left saying he WILL get a new battery and be back the next morning (today).

If anyone is ever in the Chattahoochee, Florida area and need any type of service I would strongly recommend RISING SONS & COMPANY.

Update to follow….


  1. I sure hope he has a battery for you this morning! That's a really nice hawg :-)

  2. Nothing worse than being a woman and not having your vehicle running and then have to call a man to get you going, at least that's how I feel. Your bites look like gnat bites, we have them in Minnesota and I bet florida has them to.Itch way more than mosquito

    1. Darlene, Those damn bites are still itchy - although not nearly as bad.

  3. Sounds like you found a gem. Gems like that are difficult to find. Don't forget to list your comments about him on YELP.COM

    1. Jeri, He absoluely went above and beyond the call. I sure will be posting a review under YELP and any other online reviews I can find.

  4. What a wonderful guy. Definitely one of those services you keep handy in your phone. Sure hope he finds on this morning for you. Never a dull moment in Sassy's world.

    1. Sandie, Sassy sure would like a very dull moments !! LOL

  5. Meh, don't think it has much to do with being a "woman". Fact is, the battery was pooched and wasn't able to hold a charge or even conduct enough energy to start the bike. There has to be some way for the juice to get from the alternator over to the plugs to fire the thing up.
    At least the guy wasn't willing to give up. When it comes down to it, it's either "gas or spark".
    You have to have them both, and I totally 'get' why he just wasn't willing to let it be.

    1. Bob, Wait until you read my updated post !!!

  6. I'm glad you got such a good mechanic, a determined one who knows what he's doing. Hopefully by now you are all fixed up and ready to go again. :)

    1. And the fact that he's used to working on bikes was a bonus.