Sunday, February 19, 2012


Before I headed to The Slabs to get my solar I stopped in Ehrenberg at an RV Park for 3 nights.

There are lots of these ‘Membership’ RV Parks around and for a mere $10,000 or so you could join !!  I was given a FREE 3 nights stay at one of these places – the ‘price’ being having to sit through a one hour spiel about all the benefits of joining.

Figured I could endure that for 3 FREE nights with hook-ups – getting my badly depleted battery charged up – catch up on a TON of laundry – and save me the $15.00 to dump my tanks.

Other than attending the one hour session they didn’t bother me at all.  I was glad for that.

A few pics I took which walking around the Park.


Every RV’er knows how important it is to cover your tires while parked to protect them from the blazing Arizona sun.  Most buy the tire covers specific for that, but I’ve seen towels over the tires and this…


Loved how someone re-designed the golf cart.





  1. I love creativity - in all forms. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

    I mentioned you and Sassy when I posted the CBS newsclip as part of my shoutout to my heroines that are blazing the trail.

    I'll join you one day. 'Till then - thanks for keeping me "posted." :)

  2. The membership park at Pilot Knob offered us a real deal about 80% less than you were offered ... but then we moved next door to the BLM.

    We missed you on your route by Yuma!!

  3. Testing, testing, testing!

    Not sure if you realize it, but your blog has the new and dreaded '2 word verification system'.

  4. Check out the golf carts in this community

  5. What?? You mean you don't want to dish out $10,000 for a membership? Can't imagine why not.

  6. Debra, I'm no heroine blazing any trails !! LOL I'm just flying by the seat of my pants !!

    Jeri, Was hoping to hook up with you guys but the pond was calling me.

    Rick, NO I did not know that. Are there little gremlins running around in my computer at night changing settings !! I now have it changed back to NO WORD VERIFICATION - but won't know if I did it right until someone tells me again.

    Betty, Couldn't watch that video as it kept stalling. Must be the poor internet connection here.

    Sandie, DUHH ! I honestly don't see the benefit of it - there's just too many places here to choose from at a much lower cost.

  7. Love that remodeled golf cart!

    Thank you for taking off your word verification. :)

  8. Barbara, I didn't even know that stupid word verification was on here until Rick brought it to my attention. I certainly didn't put it on here. Those damn little computer gremlins !!