Saturday, February 11, 2012



Bennie LOVES his new bed.  He’s in it all the time.  This pic was taken after our EXHAUSTIVE first two days at The Slabs.  Poor guy was sure tired – as was his Mom.



Mind boggling isn’t it that the SUN gives me electricity !!  Well for this wee brain it is.

I had my solar installed by Sun Works. 


Here’s Mike, the Owner, in his car….


Just kidding !!

First of all a MESS had to be made as all the drawers had to come out in order to run the wiring…



I had (2) 135W Solar Panel installed with a few ‘extras’ that Lee recommended.  These extras increased the cost a smidge but will be worth it later on when I add more panels.

I met Lee while boondocking at Quartzsite with the Escapee Group.  Lee is nothing short of GENIUS and sure knows his electricity, particularly when it comes to solar.

First of all Mike from Sun Works was going to install a 25AMP charge controller but Lee highly recommended a larger one.  A 25AMP controller would be adequate for two panels, however, for the future I would need a larger controller.  So best to do it now. A 40AMP charge controller was installed.

Lee also recommended two seperate switches to turn OFF the panels individually should the need arise.


Mike was also going to use #6 gauge wire – but Lee insisted on at least #4 – Mike didn’t have any of that so #2 was used.  Lee says #2 gauge wiring is overkill, however again, better to have it now in preparation for the future.  Apparently if I had used #6 and later on added more panels – well all the wiring would have to be changed !!

I also wanted my panels to be able to tilt up (as opposed to having them flat mounted) in order to obtain maximum benefit from the lower Winter sun.

Look at that panel Folks – it’s sure is a beautiful thing – almost as gorgeous as more CHROME for my Harley.  LOL



Here’s Mike – he doesn’t actually do any ‘work’.  LOL  He just does all the talking and looks pretty.  He was showing me how to tilt the panels and did notice a minor problem in that the wiring was a little tight so we had that slackened up.


While I was up on that roof in the blazing sun, Lee and Bennie were comfortably sitting in the shade.


Also, While I was up on the roof I saw this.  No idea what it was but I think Mike mentioned something about a power plant – wow, that sure can’t be good for the surrounding air !!


Mike overseeing the slackening of the wires.



And here’s the beautiful numbers right after it was installed. This is the AMPS that are being poured into the Solar.


And this number represents the voltage – whatever that means.  All I know is that this number is a GOOD THING – and that’s all I need to know.


A very ‘common sense’ thing I’ve learned already – if you have anything to charge up (ie. my computer) do it during the day.  Anything you are taking out to charge your stuff is just as quickly being put back in that by big, gorgeous SUN !!

And now for the BAD NEWS…..



But I look at it this way Folks.  ‘Average’ RV Parks expense for one month is $500.00.  Yes, Some Parks are MUCH higher and then others are lower.  So I’ve always figured $500.00 monthly is a good average.  So that’s only 4 months expense if I stayed in a Park.

Also, Gas is very expensive and you need gas to run your generator.  Last time I was at Q the gas gage dropped by 1/4 !

And lastly, but really the most important – I HATE GENERATORS – they are just so bloody noisy !!


  1. Very cool! Looks like you have lots of fun coming your way in the future. I imagine the two panels will do everything but the A/C and microwave, right?

  2. Longdog2, Not sure yet - still learning and testing and keeping an eye on the readings. Right now the reading is 12.7 which is very good but I only have one LED overhead light on. Still have to conserve.

  3. Now I'll be interested to find out how well it works for you. Good job and great post.

  4. Jeri, Until I get more batteries and more panels, the key will still be conserving - and LED lights are also in my future.

  5. Congratulations! I know you have a ton of resources and probably don't need this, but here is a link to a blog that has a TON of information on his solar panel upgrades:

    I'm so jealous! Happy boondocking! :)

  6. Fantastic and a wonderful price. Do they have a web site?

    Mike and Dee

  7. WOW---you sure are getting fancy---smancy with the rig(aka--home)good for you---you'll be set for life now.

    Good thing you are still in the "SUN"as the Maritimes are getting hit with a winter blast this weekend----& it's dreary in BC--rain to start overnight.

    Take care---keep having fun.

    Lynn. Vancouver.

  8. Look at that panel Folks – it’s sure is a beautiful thing – almost as gorgeous as more CHROME for my Harley. LOL

    Do I take exception to that line of Bull Crap!! NOTHING takes priorty to chrome for a Harley.....SHAME ON SASSY!!

    The solar panels look great Sassy and I hope they produce more than what you need. Congrats!! I'll talk to ya later about you new purchase.


  9. You are definitely getting set up there girl. Hopefully someday solar will be in our future.

  10. the best investment you ever made for you energy. we did it 12 years ago and never looked back. now turn some lights on. you have more power coming in than you can use in one evening of lights and computer. enjoy.

  11. Debra, I'm very familiar with Glenn's Blog. Been following it now for over a year. Thanks though.

    Mike/Dee, It's

    Lynn, Won't get much use out of my panels once I get back to NL !! LOL Unless they work through RAIN-DRIZZLE AND FOG !!

    Byron, I said "almost" LOL

  12. LMJ, I will admit that I'm still NOT turning lights on !! LOL Did you guys switch to LED lights ? I'm looking into that now.

  13. Nice installation, I am finishing a compareable 26o watt 2 panel on my TC. Not counting labor, doing my own material was $1077.00 kit from costco but it came with a 30 amp controller that I replaced with a MPPT 45 amp from Rogue and I added the RE-CONN, computer interface for remote monitoring so that increased my cost by $390.00 with shipping.
    I also have expansion room that can be increased to double what I have with the option of parralleling 2 pairs of 2 panel each to increase the volgage so longer wire runs can be made with same size wire.

  14. I like your new setup. We all know that 'chrome won't get you home'.(and who would want to go there with no electricity?)