Sunday, January 15, 2012


This morning I woke to a gorgeous sunrise – sadly it didn’t last long as it’s a very cloudy day and COOL.  By Noon it was still only 54F/12C – Brrrr


Jamie & Mudder were are Harbour Freight the other day and picked up this wicked electric fly swatter for me.  It was only $3.00 !  Those damn flies don’t stand a chance now !


While at Q I picked up two of these very cool, LED, motion sensor lights.  Great to use while boondocking to save your battery power.  They were $10.00 each and I’ll be picking up a couple more of these when I go back there.


The two LED ‘work’ lights below are not motion sensor but at two for $10.00 they are a great deal.  I use them in the garage at night instead of having to turn on the overhead light.


The great thing about these are that they have a hanger (as you can see) but also that little round thing in the centre is a magnet.  So you have two different ways of hanging them.


I wanted a way to refill those little one pound propane cylinders (which is illegal in Canada – pffft !!) and read online where I could get them here in Yuma.  My Mr. Heater Big Buddy propane heater uses these small propane cylinders and that gets to be quite expensive – to say nothing of all of those cylinders going into the landfill.  At Wally’s here in Yuma you can get two of the cylinders for $5.12.  At Wally’s in Canada the same two costs $7.99 !!  Being able to re-fill them now costs me 30 cents per cylinder – well that is according to my brainiac EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT.


I got this insulation quite awhile ago to do all the ‘outside walls’ of my cupboards and closets.  Hopefully that will help when in colder areas.


Hauled all the clothes out of that closet.  Interesting thing to note here – I have not once worn any of these clothes in this closet !



Cut and placed the insulation on the outside wall.  I used a few small staples to hold it in there.


I only did one closet today – didn’t want to over-tax myself !!


In the middle of doing the insulation I glance out the window and see Jamie tearing around the pond in his car.  Where was he going to or coming from (I wondered).  Really didn’t give it much thought at the time.

Shortly afterwards the POLICE show up !!  And I hear him saying something about a license ??


What oh what has our young man gotten himself into now !!??  “Oh Mudder, Where did we go wrong raisin’ him ??”

I look out the side window to see where the POLICE CAR parked – and saw this….


WHEW !!  It was only the ‘fishing police’ people checking to see if he had his fishing license.  All is well !!


If you have any of these solar patio lights you know they come with these little plastic things that you are supposed to put in the ground.  Well at Quartzsite the ground is so hard I broke/bent several.  There was no way they were going into the ground.


Using those HUGE nails (or whatever they are called) was suggested to me.  You can really pound those things in the ground.


The base of the solar patio light fits beautifully over them…




Another purchase made while at Q was a sun screen that attaches to your awning.  A MUST while in Arizona.


These screens come in a multitude of sizes and several different colours.  I chose the black as I felt it blended in better with the rig’s colours.  I also got the 8’ x 10’ size as I didn’t feel it necessary to have the entire width of the awning covered.  Cost for that size was $28.00.  You then have to buy the tabs & ‘s’ hooks that slide right in the channel of the awning.  Those were $9.00 (I think) for a package.


I saw that Jim had his secured to the ground using tent pegs so I got me some of those.


The added benefit of this is that the awning is now very secure should a sudden wind storm come up quickly in the middle of the night. This happened to me last year !!

Finally later in the day it got warm enough to sit outside.  Jamie scored big time in finding some wood just down the road and I immediately put it to good use making a little fire for us to enjoy.



It turned out to be a beautiful night and we were able to sit outside until almost 9:00PM.

P.S.  I probably bought more gizmos and gadgets that I’ve forgotten about !






  1. So glad you are back bloging---I missed your updates.

    Great to see all the gadgets you are picking up & installing.

    Looks like you are in another lovely spot.

    Lynn. Vancouver.

  2. Okay I'm going to have to check into some of those gadgets you got that we might have missed. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jeri, You've already got every gadget in the book !! LOL

  4. We love those 2 for $10 lights. So glad you found them for us. Jim's trying to decide what he wants to do about our awning screen thingie. It's too long and he hates the way it has to slide in. He likes your set up much better.

    Glad to see you're keeping up with your fire skills. And that you didn't have to bail Jamie out of jail.

  5. Ha, same thing here. Always too many clothes in the wardrobe.

    Still doing the fire job :))

  6. wow you are buying up all the cool doodads! I have one of those electric bug zappers and it doesn't work so well. It's fun at a party with drunks though.

    I love your new rv

  7. Mittry Lake - a beautiful area. And we see you are tending a fire again. Well done - fire Lady!

  8. You are SO my heroine. Love your blog. Thanks for all the great ideas! Everyone is making fun of me for wanting another Harley one day and for dreaming of a toy hauler to go with it (grin). I know you probably retired from a great job, or some other means to pay for it but I am starting completely over after brain surgery wiped me out (almost literally) in 08. I'm determined tho and will be laughing myself one day all the way to Q to get me some of those cool gadgets! Don't work too hard - 1 task/day is just about perfect. :)

  9. Hey girl! Love the photos of your lake, and all the new "stuff." I left my solar lights in camp, so I'll need to be picking up more when I'm back on the road. Also like the "screen," for the privacy and also to keep the awning more stable. I just might look into one of those, too.

    Just caught up on you recent posts - seems funny to see Bennie without his Harley shirt!

    Hope you're having fun - I'll be back on the road by spring, I hope. :)

  10. We have an electric awning on our 5er and, although very securely anchored in the ground, a sudden freak wind destroyed it. Now replaced, I wonder if something like the screen would give enough added anchoring to keep it down should something like that happen again. We had decided just to bring the awning in when not actually using it, but I still yearn for a setup of keeping it out and having a screen . . . Love the doodads and gizmos!

  11. I feel like I was at an RV show just reading your post! Thanks for all the tips, we'll keep an eye out next time we go shopping for some of those.

  12. Are you a Newfie?? I was just browsing a few of your past posts and saw mention of leaving Newfoundland. My husband is from Placentia and I was born in Argentia when my father was stationed there. As you probably know, it's always exciting finding Newfies on this side of the border! Do you run across many Newfs on the road?

  13. Pam, Yup, Newfie born and raised ! Only met one other couple from NL since I've been here on the West Coast. Mostly Eastcoasters go to Florida.

  14. MUST HAVE the coupler for refilling those cylinders. We love our "Mr. Heaty."