Saturday, January 28, 2012


BOB'S GENERATOR finally showed up at 5:30PM – he told me he would be here by mid morning – I called twice during the day - once at 1:00PM and the second time at 3:00PM – both times he said he would be here ‘shortly’. NOT a happy camper about that as I had to stay around the rig for the whole day. But as they are the only ‘mobile’ generator service in the area – well that means ‘they’ get to call the shots.

When he finally did arrive he spent only a few minutes here (no charge thankfully !!) and said it was likely a leak from the oil filter (which is located under the generator) – while Jamie & I felt fairly certain that the oil spill was coming from the top of the generator. He told me to replace the oil filter (Jamie said he could do that himself) clean everything with carb cleaner and that should solve the problem.

Today that’s what ‘we’ did….

01HEY, I was helping by passing him things !!  LOL


SEE I did say “we” – I had the pleasure of putting the new oil in – a LOT of it got spilled everywhere !!  Damn that’s a messy job.


Then I proceeded to spray everywhere with this carb cleaner stuff.


Later in the day I wiped up most of the excess.  Tomorrow I’m going to give it a better cleaning and then run the generator for an hour or so.

“We’ll” keep an eye on it to see if oil is still leaking.

Will post another update after that is done.

BUT the morale of this story is – it is very important to keep mechanics in a job so therefore from here on in THEY can have the pleasure of doing this !!


  1. Bob's Generator is the guy I used for my generator, too, and I was happy with him. Of course, that was before the big tent opened and he probably wasn't as busy. He also did not charge me for a lot of the time he spent on my generator.

    I hope that was your only problem. He told me he didn't make "house calls" because of the high cost of the liability insurance working on BLM lands. I thought you had to bring your rig to him. Oh, well. Let's hope it's fixed! :)

  2. I certainly hope that fixes the problem. If not, you might have to wait another whole day to have him look at it. Or, maybe you could fix it yourself.

  3. Barbara, The website for Bob's Generator even states that they offer mobile service ??

    I have to agree with you though that it was likely a very long and busy day for him given the amount of rigs that are here now. Just glad he finally did arrive.

  4. Those little "mice in our pockets" come in very handy. Fingers crossed! :)

  5. Jamie, I'm Sassy's Executive Assistant and I help her from my computer from getting her from B.C. to Arizona to finding her a laundromat. I asked her to thank you for me but she said do it yourself. As much as she doesn't like me saying that I worry about her, I do, and that is why I want to thank you. With you and your Mother nearby I feel I can worry about her just a little less. So Jaime, THANK YOU

  6. Sassy, next time you're at Home Depot or such place, pick youself up a can of Gunk, it has more cutting power for oil and nasty stuff!! Spray it on, leave it for a while and wash it off!!


  7. Betty, I dunno ?? I think you need to worry about me MORE hangin' out with that Cranbrook crowd !!

    Byron, The stuff I used had amazing cutting power. Plus as I said I'll be leaving that messy job to mechanics from here on !! LOL