Monday, January 30, 2012


Mudder was out shopping one day while we were still in Yuma – well Mudder likes to take a dart out shopping EVERY day – not unlike me udder Mudder !!  LOL

Anyhooo, She comes home one day with the State Stickers Map – the CANADIAN version !!


I’ve been looking for this for over a year now.  I’ve looked in countless Camping World stores and other RV places.  The “U.S.” version is easy to find. So I quickly jumped on the bike to go get one.


The day I was waiting for the generator guy to show up I finally got a chance to put it on my door.


First sticker to go on was my home Province…

09 - Copy

Next was the beautiful Province of British Columbia…


I’ve yet to put the other Province stickers on but like my U.S. Map, I’ll only be putting stickers on the Provinces I’ve actually spent time in – and only the ones I’ve visited since I’ve started to fulltime.


Next up is (what I thought) a BRILLIANT idea I read on another Blog.  BTW, Reading other’s Blogs gives you a wealth of information and tips. This tip even warrants going into my TIPS tab on my home page !!

This Blogger suggested using those Solar Patio Lights for lighting during the night time when you are boondocking.  These patio lights can be bought just about anywhere and certainly Wally’s has tons of them.

I bought a couple while in Town in Quartzsite and they work great.  They won’t be any good if you want a LOT of lighting of course – or for reading etc.  But for me who is just playing around on the computer it’s perfect.

Now I wanted to come up with an idea for a ‘stand’ to hold them in.  I happened to have a length of 2” x 6” board in the garage.  Why did I just ‘happen’ to have a length of 2” x 6” board in the rig you might ask ??  Well, back in July, shortly after I got this rig I was trying to come up with a solution to make it safer to get the bike in and out of the garage.  CLICK HERE if you want to read about that.

So I cut the board to appropriate lengths and marked where the base of the solar light would sit.



Got my trusty drill out and OF COURSE I had the right bit thingie to drill the hole.






But of course I couldn’t leave them with just the bare wood so I got some paint….



And made them all FANCY SMANCHY !!! I place each set in various parts of the rig at night and put them outside during the day to re-charge.  Love it !



While Mudder was ‘vacationing’ at that fancy RV Park awhile back she saw other RV’ers with these palm trees outside their rigs.  Naturally she had to have one !!  Off to town she goes while here in Quartzsite and sure enough came home with one.  I am endlessly teasing her that it is sooooo tacky !!!  But it sure lights up the place at night.

I’ll have to get a pic of her laying under it.




  1. You have been way too busy. Painting and sawing and drilling, oh my.

  2. Yes, It seems I'm always at something ! LOL The days just fly by.

  3. Heh Denise---you are having too much fun !!!!!! Good for you.

    You wouldn't be having enough sun here in BC to recharge your solar lights. You sure did a good job of them.

    Take care, Enjoy, Lynn, Van. BC.

  4. Love the tacky palm tree! What a cute idea with the solar lights. It's amazing what folks learn from others.

  5. Your new solar light project turned out really well - they look great. You'll be able to put them inside or outside, wherever you need them.

  6. Great idea, I hadn't thought of using solar lights inside at night! That would work well for using the laptop when you don't want the big lights on. Thanks for the tip!

  7. My dear yer sum smart...looks great Sassy and should be good inside as TexCyn mentioned as well!!

  8. will make some guy a handy gal....great idea


  9. Great job too on matching the paint to your rig. :) You are such an inspiration - that "us gals" can do this. Thanks Sassy!

  10. Oh, and congrats on the Canadian sticker map. Mudder is just way to kool!