Thursday, December 1, 2011


Folks, Check out my new header pic !!  WOW huh !!  Credit goes (once again) to my EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT.  I figured since she worked so hard getting me down here safe and sound she deserved a vacation.  But vacation time is now over so I had to come up with some work for her.  I had asked her to combine two pics for me for my header pic and being the OVER ACHIEVER she is – well this is the result.


Yesterday a knock comes on my ‘front’ door – yes, I have a front door and a back door.  AND being a typical Newfoundlander the ‘front’ door is never used – everybody uses their back door.

I could not open the door because of this……


WTF !!  Always something with a home on wheels isn’t it.  The desert sun obviously to blame I figure.

The knock was from a fellow RV’er coming back from his walk and wanted to say “Hey” because he saw my Canadian flag.  WELL, In a month or so from now there will be 10’s of thousands of Canadian flags.  We did have a lovely chat.  He told me they are from British Columbia, he is 84 years old and they have been coming South in their RV every year now for 30 years – and hopes to continue doing this for many more years to come.

Then  I decided that it would be a good day to go check out that RV Park that is offering me 3 FREE nights.  It was only about 20 minutes from here and a glorious day.


Just minutes before I was about to leave I heard someone talking to Bennie.  It was Marty and Shelley, folks I met while in Osoyoos, and their adorable little Lulu !!  How do people find me so easy ??  LOL


I LOVE Shelley’s t-shirt and will definitely be getting one of those…..


We had a great visit and non-stop chatting.  Bennie and Lulu played and played and fought over ‘Baby’.


I think Bennie had an unfair advantage in this one…


Marty noticed the rubber hanging from my front door (I was going to deal with that later when I got back from my ride) but he had it fixed in no time !!


Look at those TALL legs – I would have had to get the ladder out !!!  LOL

After a great visit I hopped on the bike to go check on this RV Park.  Well I wasn’t on the Highway very long and the traffic pretty much came to a standstill.  It was backed-up for as far as I could see.  I noticed a motorcycle behind me going through the middle and I pulled over to let him through.  I thought about that for awhile and then thought WTF !  I’m going to try that also.

I caught up with him and he tells me it is legal in California (which I knew) but not in Arizona so he was keeping a close eye out for any police cars.  I followed him and then decided to move over to the paved shoulder as riding through the middle with an 18 wheelie on each side was a little tight at times.  My right leg was really burning due to the hot pipes in this slow moving traffic and I would have been in it for hours if I hadn’t ridden the shoulder.  I clocked the traffic back-up for 4 1/2 miles and that was only to the Exit I took. It was backed-up as far as you could see going West.

I found the Park and checked it out and it was ok.  BIG problem with this Park is that there is a gravel hill going into the Park which I would dread having to take the bike down.


But FREE is always a good thing so I’ll no doubt take advantage of it sometime later this month or maybe early January.

Hopped on the bike and headed home.


Today was a cold, overcast and very windy day.  UGH !!  I didn’t even get dressed and stayed under the quilts all day.

I can never tire of those gorgeous Arizona sunsets….G’Night Folks



  1. Kudos' to your Executive Assistant. Great job. Glad to hear you didn't get blown away. We haven't had the wind you guy got and I'm fine with that.

  2. Love, love, love the header! Very cool. And love that t'shirt too - heehee It's just so neat that others are meeting up there. You get new friends & get to rekindle old friendships. And Bennie gets the same too ;-)

  3. December 2nd. Everybody sing----
    Happy Borthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sassy, Happy Birthday to you !!!!!!!

    Oh getting older---I bet you couldn't face it & that's why you didn't get dressed & stayed under the quilts all day !!!!!!

    Have a good one---watch out for the Milestone one coming up next year !!!!!

  4. Anonymous regrets the typo in the preceding comment---Borthday s/b Birthday---you get the meaning though & probably read right passed it !!!!!!!!

    Have a great day.

  5. Happy Birthday Denise, may you have many more!!


  6. Very nice header pics...and Happy Birthday! Glad you got over to meet Barbara and Katie. They are a great pair of travelers, for sure. We certainly enjoyed them when they came through Eugene, OR.

  7. Who is this saucy Anonymous person !!??

  8. I know I posted last night so here we go agian maybe.
    I love your new header. I didn't realize you had such a big rig and its a beauty.
    And I see it must have been your birthday too so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  9. Heh Denise---another year older---what a great year you've had with all your new adventures, new friends---for both you & Bennie!!!!!

    Just heard on the weather report about the major Santa Anna winds blowing through Califonia & I guess blowing your way---will it be another day under the quilts???????

    Hope you can get out & about & enjoy your day.

    Enjoy, Lynn, Vancouver.