Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yesterday I pulled into my new ‘home’ where I’ll be staying for about 10 days or so.  Before that I gassed up (can’t let the gas tank go below 1/4 in order for the generator to run); dropped $100 on groceries at Walmart etc. etc.

I got semi-settled yesterday and spent most of today cleaning and organizing.  You may remember that when I put things away when I was on Ogilby Road it was raining so everything was wet and muddy so quite a mess today as I was putting things out.  Had an amazing, relaxing day puttering around and chatting with all the people here fishing.

This is what greeted me this morning…


Normally I’d find that kinda creepy but it wasn’t.  I actually found it quite soothing.

The guys that come to this Lake to fish are already here…


Well Good Morning Mr. Sun and Little Ducky – how nice to see you….


And let’s not forget Mr. Crane – or a Loon ?  Not sure what you are you beautiful thing you….


In no time at all the fog has burned off the Lake and more people are arriving for their day fishing…..


Jamie, Mudder and Brandy arrive in the afternoon..


And in very quick order Jamie has them all set-up.  I gotta get me one of them Jamie’s !!!


Bennie and I take a little stroll around the end of the Lake to explore another road out that might be easier for me to get the bike out.  While strolling another beautiful creature awaits our pleasure..


A few shots of ‘home’ from across the Lake….



An awesome sunset that I will never tire of….


The fish are really jumping now so Jamie decides to get his fishing pole out.  This is Jamie’s idea of fishing…..note the fishing pole hooked in to the wire around the tree….


We are still sitting outside after the sun went down just admiring the beauty and serenity of the Lake..


And Jamie finally gets serious about fishing…..


And to think there are people out there who are actually SHOVELLING SNOW !!!  UGH


  1. Wow, where exactly are you? This is beautiful and your photos are great. And I agree, I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to shovel snow.

  2. Longdogs, Believe it or not, this place is just outside of Yuma, a few miles from I-95.

  3. Looks like you've found your slice of heaven---what a gorgeous sunset, & a great place to call home for the next few days.

    The bird in the first photos looks more like a crane---similar to the blue herons we get here. A loon is more duck shaped.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy---you are finally warm !!!!

    Lynn, Vancouver, BC.

  4. How much better can it get? Lovely, peaceful surroundings and friends to share it! Enjoy!

  5. what a beautiful spot. I can't believe it is not packed with snowbirds! I figured every single place in AZ would be full to the brim and hard to find a spot. I guess that is not the case? Thanks for sharing.

  6. One of the best blogs yet with beautiful pictures and gorgeous scenery , sunrise and sunset!!
    Looks like a place you can really enjoy, and by the 15 here yesterday but unfortunately WET all day or I would have been riding!
    Great blog and keep enjoying yourself and ride safe!


  7. What a beautiful spot. Hard to believe it's just outside of dusty Yuma! Great pictures!

  8. I like seeing life through your eyes and words, Sassy.

  9. Sure wish we were parked there with you guys so Jim and Jamie could fish together. Oh well, there's always next year.

  10. Sandie, Wish you guys were here also. Jim would love it and also be 'home'. And you guys would love Jamie & 'Mudder'.

  11. What a great place to stay. I trust the water will not rise:)

  12. Beautiful - thanks for sharing your day!

  13. Did Jamie catch any fish? If so, remember that spot for when we come down, so we can fish there. When, in the future. lol Nice pics. Keep blogging kiddo. love your stories. LMJ