Sunday, December 4, 2011


Decided to stop by the local Harley Davidson store yesterday and came out pretty unscathed…..


Bennie had to make sure the plants were sufficiently watered first though….


Only thing I bought were a few covers to hide the many rusted bolts on the bike…


As I recall though I left quite a LARGE chunk of change at this particular dealership last year.

Bennie ripped this toy off the shelf and started to play with it.  Seemed to like it a lot and made such a fuss when I told him he couldn’t have it that -----well, I just HAD to buy it for him.


He was kind enough though to carry it out of the store for me….


Living this lifestyle you get to meet such great Folks.  Parked just behind me is Linda who is travelling with her son, Jamie.  They are from Cranbrook, B.C.  Linda and her late husband travelled South each Winter for about 6 or 7 years.  Her husband passed away about a year ago and now Jamie is ensuring his Mom continues to be able to enjoy warm Winters.  And he is really enjoying the travelling also.

Today they were going to this HUGE flea market (all new stuff) so Bennie and I followed along on the bike.  What fun we had !!  We had only gotten to the end of the first row and had already bought a ton of stuff.  We never did get to go through all of it so obviously will HAVE to go back another time.

My stash was a cute sign – $2.50 !!


A flag holder.  I had seen this on Linda’s rig and wanted one.


Here it is proudly displayed although I will have to get two more little flags to put in it….


Treatment for the holding tanks.  A couple I met in Quartzsite told me about this stuff and really raved about it.


Rain gutter extensions…  I had read about this online and put them on my ‘list’.  Apparently they divert the water far enough away so that those black streaks don’t come on your windows and down the sides of the rig.  We’ll see……..


A vent cover that I did actually ‘need’….


Bennie saw this leash and again started kicking up a fuss again until I got it for him.  That boy of mine is getting to be very expensive !!


I was glad to particularly get the vent cover while I was with Linda and Jamie so I could put my stuff in their car.

Back at home we all had fun again going though our stash to see what we bought.  Jamie was well in on the action as he bought himself a toy helicopter that he’ll be able to fly.  Can’t wait to see that in action..


Linda had a great time going through her stuff…..



Their adorable ‘Brandy’ wasn’t left out of all the buying – but I bet she wished she was !!!  Linda bought her SUNGLASSES.  Here she is trying to get them on….


And here’s Brandy looking ever so cooool…..


Brandy DID NOT like having them on and immediately started trying to get them off.  This will definitely have to be an ‘easing in’ process.  Bennie just looked on and said “THANK YOU MOM !  THANK YOU MOM, For not buying those for me and making me wear them !!”

Bennie and Brandy were sooooo good going around the Flea Market today.  And Bennie is VERY quiet tonight – sound asleep.  Poor little guy is exhausted !!


  1. I'm catching up - you're gone!?! In Yuma?? Is it warmer there? Glad I didn't try to find you yesterday. LOL.

    I'd sure like to find some warmer weather, but I think I'll wait a few days. Maybe it'll get warmer here soon. If not, I'm outta here, too. My neighbors were just saying it's pretty cool everywhere right now.

    AND I'd hate to lose my great site, but the hot springs LTVA is sounding pretty good right now. :)

  2. Someday I am going to get to that flea market. My friends have all gone and they say the stuff is really cool and not very expensive.
    Glad you enjoyed it and Bennie as well.

  3. Looks like Christmas came early for Bennie. Congrats on all the great buys at the market!

  4. Boy, does Bennie ever have his Mom wrapped around his little paw !!!!!!
    What a spoiled puppy---but he's such a good boy---he deserves all the special treats.

    Sounds like a great place to shop---lots of good deals.
    Lynn, Vancouver.

  5. we were there a couple of weeks ago, lots of stuff to look at. We were pretty good about keeping our cash in our pockets

  6. Sounds like a great time. I enjoy the doggy stories. I miss mine. My Rocky, especially, liked his stuffed toys. He always knew when I brought one home... even if it was hidden in a bag. Funny.