Saturday, December 24, 2011


Gawd, It sure has been great ‘living’ here.  Beautiful weather, great scenery, amazing sunsets, roaring fires.  What more could anyone ask for.


Yup, Our yard is not good enough for my boy and he spends all of his time next door.  Even when they are not home and I’m outside puttering.  Something about their mat I suppose.






This guy mosies up on his horse in complete ‘Western’ attire – including a GUN strapped to his side.  He is an American citizen now – but is originally from Alberta, Canada.


There were two couples who showed up here every afternoon for a few days to do some fishing.  Wives and kids came along – as well as their futon couch !!!  They’d lift that thing out of the back of their van each day.  Jamie called them ‘The Faulkner's’ – apparently that was a movie ??


One day Jamie threw some sardines into the Lake and Bennie was obsessed for several days trying to get at the food.


12“Oooops, Got caught !”

A few sunset and camp fire pics from the last few evenings…



The other day (Thursday) it was very windy so a great day to get some laundry done.  We piled everything into the car and away we went.  Yesterday (Friday), It was warm enough to be sitting outside very comfortably by 9:30AM !!  Gotta love Winters in Arizona.

I am soooooo NOT a Christmas person in any way, shape or form.  But ‘Mudder’ loves Christmas and has their rig (inside and out) decorated.  Jamie wraps his gifts.


A few more rigs have moved in so we have a total of 6 of us here now.


Yesterday Jamie and ‘Mudder’ were out gallivanting again – leaving me home to do all the chores !!  Jamie was off golfing and ‘Mudder’ was off getting her hair all dollied up.  I got those two spoiled rotten – look at the great fire they came home to.  I SLAVED all day chopping wood and collecting kindling.  LOL Sure was worth it though.



Bennie, being the wussy dog that he is, only enjoys being outside in the evenings when he has all the comforts of home….


Moving day is Monday and I sure will miss this place.  In these BLM places you are only allowed to stay for 14 days and then you have to move to another location that is at least 25 miles away.  Such silly rules I think.




  1. Looks like you're having a great time there. Beautiful scenery and interesting folks. :) I'm not so into Christmas either, at least this year. But, in spite of that, have a Merry Christmas! Not a lot of rigs here yet. But the weather has been good.

  2. Haha Bennie, you deserter you! He's just too cute. How long do you have to stay away before you can go back? I wonder if the rules have anything to do with squatting rights or something? Some old law mayhaps?

  3. Kelly & I are not Christmas people either. Sounds like we have enough of us Christmas dissenters for a Hootenanny eh:))

  4. What a fantastic camping location. Great pictures too. Wonder where the Canadian cowboy got the gun--bringing across the border would be a no-no. Enjoy your day with your friends and have a great New Year!

  5. Barbara, I'll be headed your way next week.

    TexCyn, Two weeks and I think the 'rule' is to prevent people from making the location a permanent home.

    Al, A Hootenanny sound great !!

    Longdog, The cowboy is now an American citizen who seems to enjoy carrying (very visibly) the gun.

  6. Merry Christmas Denise
    Looks like you're having a good time. Get in touch soon to have a chat.


  7. Well, Merry Christmas anyway - hope Santa is good to you!

  8. Marry Christmas Sassy, I enjoy reading your blog.

  9. Merry Christmas Denise---I'm sure you'll have a great day in the sun.

    How do people know how long you've been in that spot---aren't you in the middle of NO WHERE ???
    Too bad you have to leave--great sunsets & camp fires.

    Bennie will miss all the comforts at the neighbours !!!!!

    Take care, enjoy, find yourself another great spot.

    Lynn. Vancouver.

  10. When you mentioned the Canadian on a horse I just knew it was going to be Al of the Bayfield Bunch. ;) Great post, and what a nice camp you have there!

  11. Lynn, These areas are monitored by Rangers who come around and you have to put a sticker in your window. They put a date on the form. There are LOTS of great spots out there - although I haven't found one yet quite as nice - right on a Lake.

    Jool, No it wasn't Al.

  12. Sassy, I love your entries as well!! Judy and I wish you a Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year and Safe travels....ride safe!! We're gonna book our Newfounland trip real soon.


  13. Great Pics,I guess if you have to spend the day watching the old man fish the rest of the family should be comfy. Shots of hummers are fantastic.
    I agree why should you have to move. Is there a line waiting to get in?. I think when you are paying it is really dumb. The campgrounds are so empty. Oh well I don't understand most rules.
    Hope you find another great spot.

  14. Great pics! Sorry we missed you and yes, we must have drove right past each other on that long boring road from Yuma to quartzsite.

    Find John at Hi Jolly (mile marker 112 on 95 north) and say hi. he's a cool dude.

    We saw an RV pull in today with a motorcycle on the back. You can tell by the way it was strapped on that they didn't know how to secure a cycle on a carrier. Well... it had tipped over into the back of the RV and severely bent the handlebar! I don't think thehy had a rear view camera so they didn't even know it had happened. Sad.