Tuesday, December 13, 2011



OK, For those of you that ‘know’ me, that will come as no surprise !!  LOL  Not long ago, while at Walmart, I bought 2 solar patio lights to place outside.  More recently while at Walmart with Jamie & Mudder, I purchased two more of the same kind.  WELL yesterday I was looking for something in the storage compartments (which I never did find btw), I came across a set of 10 solar patio lights that I completely forgot I had.  I really need to go through every single storage compartment to see what I have.

Second thing is that I figured this might be a good time to take advantage of that FREE STAY I have at an RV Park.  NOPE, Can’t find that either.

But to set the record straight Folks, I DON’T LOSE THINGS.  I just ‘misplace’ them – sometimes I misplace them never to be found again – but I DON’T LOSE THINGS.


Found a spot on Ogilby Road where there were a few other RV’s.  There was a group of 3 together and then a 5th wheel off to themselves.  Yup, This seemed like a good spot and I got myself settled in making sure to be quite a distance from the others so as not to infringe on anybody’s space.  Even put my chairs and mat out AND took the bike out.  Yesterday morning Bennie and I took a little stroll around the desert. 


Someone left their tent behind !!

03I approached it cautiously in case someone was under there !!  LOL


After the couple in the 5’er pulled out I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay there.  It started to rain.  DARN.  Now I had to get the ramp extensions out; get the bike turned around (in the gravel) so it was facing the ramp etc. etc.  I was NOT a happy camper.  Trying to get everything put back in before it got too wet AND get the bike back in on a ramp that’s now wet and slippery.  Let me tell you, I was very nervous and my heart was pounding when I was making a run with the bike onto the ramp.  But I didn’t drop it and got everything put away – albeit now very wet and muddy.

I pulled out and drove up the road a ways to see what was there.  Had read on another Blog that there was an RV Park just up the road so decided to check it out.  Believe me, It wasn’t anything to talk about and certainly not somewhere I’d want to stay.  I drove around inside but didn’t take any pics.  Perhaps ok to stop in and do some laundry while you are out boondocking but that’s about it.


I found a great spot in the other direction only about a mile from where I was and there are about a dozen rigs all within eye sight but spaced quite a distance from one another.

Later in the day the sky started to clear.  It looked like there was a line drawn in the sky separating beautiful sunshine and the dark clouds..


Then this amazing rainbow appeared and was so huge I couldn’t fit it all in one pic…


So I took a short video of it…

* M * A * S * H *

Another thing I’ve noticed this year (that I didn’t notice last year) is the number of very low flying helicopters.  We are only about 30 miles from the Mexican Border and I’ve been told the helicopters are scanning the desert looking for Mexicans that are trying to get into the States illegally.

Jamie and Mudder are moving to the OUR lakefront property tomorrow so really looking forward to spending some time there.


  1. Looks like you found a great spot out there. Love the rainbow!
    We noticed the low-flying copters too. In fact I think we got "buzzed" by one checking us out (it practically landed right next to the RV!)

  2. Your rainbow looks really pretty - it's nice to see it from horizon to horizon without a lot of RVs in the way. :)