Saturday, December 31, 2011


First up was a quick drop by to see Barbara and Katie.  A fellow RV’er (Don) was there visiting as well with his dog Duffy.

Everybody got along quite well – after all the ‘butt sniffing’ was done.  Duffy is a major hole digger and Bennie was real curious as to what that was all about.

Bennie checking out the hole Duffy dugHello buddy

Hole    what holeSee  This is how I did it

The following day Barbara came by our area to meet ‘in person’ fellow Bloggers Jim and Sandie and Jeri and Terry.  Yup, All the ‘humans’ also got along famously – thankfully, no ‘butt sniffing’ was necessary !!

Denise, Jeri and Sandie11


After I got all set up – awning out; mat out; chairs out etc. etc. it was too HOT to sit in the sun so I had to drag my chair over to the opposite (and shady) side of the rig to cool down.


I want to get a collection of pics together with the various ways people bring their portable holding tanks to the dump station.  The most common is dragging it behind their ATV’s.  I’ve also seen is dragged behind their trucks and golf carts.  When I can get more pics I will post them.


Took a quick run into Town today with Jim and Sandie.  We only walked two short rows and even though the ‘Big Show’ doesn’t start until January 21st I think the majority of vendors are already set up. Some of the sayings on these signs are hysterical !



I ordered a sign to put up in the garage….


We stopped to have a hot dog and obviously this table was reserved for people who had dogs.  Jeeze, They think of everything around here.


I also want to get a collection of pics with the ways people carry their dogs around while going through all the vendors at Q.  Some are pretty darn cute !


Late this afternoon Sandie comes out of her rig and says she has a big pot of spaghetti on if anyone wants some.  D U H H H H !!!  Like anyone was going to say no to that !!




It was deee – lish !!  Thanks Sandie !!  So glad I didn’t have to cook tonight.

What a wonderful clear night it is with stars in the sky by the millions.


  1. Hey ... I also took a picture of the guy hauling his blueboy. He made that trip THREE times!!

    Wonder what Sandie will fix for us tonight?????

  2. Glad you liked the spaghetti. And Jeri- dream on. I sure am having a great time and love having you around.

  3. I love your sign! I was thinking of getting one that says, "Welcome to The Palms." I might check that out next time I'm in town.

  4. You're having way too much fun, already! Sure glad you're well on your way to a wonderful 2012. Thanks again for sharing.

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR Denise----hope it's a great one for you.
    Seems to have started off well---good friends, good food & good weather---what more could you ask for !!!!!

    Happy RVing, take care, Lynn. Vancouver.

  6. WHERE IS SHE????