Friday, December 2, 2011


Huh ?? 

Didn’t know you were heading to Yuma. 

I didn’t know I was heading to Yuma !!

Thought you were going to stay in Quartzsite ??

Why did you head to Yuma ?

Well Folks,  It got a bit nippy in Q and the forecast wasn’t looking good for the next several days.  It will turn back to its delicious warmth later for sure.

So last night I realized “Hey, I’m in a house on wheels – I don’t HAVE to stay here.”  On the Internet (seriously Folks, HOW on earth did we ever survive before the Internet) and googled around to see if was warmer anywhere reasonably close by.

Sure enough Yuma was showing brilliant sunshine with temps several degrees (in Celsius) higher.

Besides, I do have to get a bit of service done on the rig so can get it done here.

Figure I’ll be here for a few days.


  1. Folks, she decided to go to Yuma a few hours after she asked the EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT to find her boondocking in Buckeye, AZ which is 104 miles east of Quartzsite. Yuma is 83 miles south of Quartzsite!!

    BTW, Happy Birthday Boss!! Glad you like the header, that's your Birthday gift from the EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT!

  2. Now you have me thinking of that song _ "I'm gonna follow the sun"..enjoy the warmer weather!

  3. Ahhh she's galavantin' again, ya just gotta love er!! You go girl, go wherever and whenever ya wanna go.....ride safe!!


  4. I was awishing we were headed somewhere warmer for the next week or so, too. I'm not impressed with these 60 degree days. So where are you staying in Yuma? And is it really your birthday? If so, have a super, wonderful, fantastic day.

  5. Sandie, I'm staying at that boondocking place about 20 miles N on the I-95. I was here last year for a few days. A neighbour told me today about two other places within a mile that are quieter and nicer so I'll be checking them out.

  6. That wind blew all the letters around on your post and made them different sizes and colors!

  7. Isn't that why your house is on wheels to go where ever when every.
    Happy Birthday!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a nice birthday and some candles to blow out. :)