Saturday, December 10, 2011


Had an uneventful (we like uneventful) drive to Gila Bend and back.  Just under a 2 hour drive each way.  Back in Yuma again now hanging with Linda (whom I’ve now nicknamed Mudder) and her son Jamie.


First of all a little English lesson for my Canadian friends - Gila Bend is pronounced Heee La Bend ?  pffftttt !  I’m still calling it Gila Bend.


Had a wonderful visit with my old friend Cook.  Well, actually her ‘real’ name is Marian but I met her as Cook and Marian just doesn’t roll off my tongue quite right.  I can’t remember how she got that nickname but apparently I’m the only one who still uses it.


We had a great visit and of course ‘talked about’ everyone we once knew back in the 70’s.



I had never met Cook’s husband Mike so that was very nice also. Later in the day it was actually warm enough to sit outside – well if you were in the direct sun.  Cook enjoyed playing with Bennie and throwing his ‘squeaky’.



I spent two nights at Holt’s Shell RV Park because the rate was so cheap.  With Passport America it was only $11.99 a night and had full hook-ups.  That included having both 30 and 50 AMP.

Took advantage of this great opportunity to get a ton of stuff done since I haven’t had hook-ups since I left B.C. on November 15th. 

I did 4 loads of laundry – or probably more as I stopped counting !!  The whole sheee-bang got washed.

Defrosted the freezer – that was the first time that was done since I got this rig.

Bathed Bennie – see how happy he is getting his bath.


And of course emptied/filled all the tanks.


While I was at Quartzsite a man was out strolling and noticed my license plate and of course having a NL is unusual to see this far West.  He knocked on my door and we had a lovely chat.  He told me he was 86 years old; was from Creston, B.C. and he and his wife had been coming South for the past 30 years.

WELL, Here I am at an RV Park in Gila Bend and I’m outside sitting on the step.  This man approaches me and says “Ours paths have crossed before.”.  I didn’t remember.  It was the same guy from Quartzsite !!  He remembered my rig; where I was from; Bennie etc.  What a memory !!  And what are the chances !!


I’ve been going through quite a CHALLENGE lately – and that’s trying to stay awake until 9:00PM !  AND I’m failing miserably at it !!  LOL  Last night my eyes started to get heavy about 8:00PM and by 8:30PM I just gave up the fight and went to bed.  UNHEARD of for me.  AND I slept until almost 8 o’clock this morning.

Tomorrow (or maybe Monday) I’m gonna head out of here.  This spot is great for a couple of nights but is not the kind of boondocking I like.  It’s very close to I-95 and a train track and therefore very noisy.  A sneak peak at where I might go next….




  1. Isn't it nice to see how small our world can be? Just means you really do need to behave yourself. LOL

  2. Hi Sassy, I enjoy your blog & I've been wondering if you've ever boondocked in upstate New York, New Hampshire & Maine? That territory is on my list to visit but so far I haven't found much blogged about it.
    Benny looks relieved his bath is over! What papers do you need to take him across the border?

  3. Six degrees of separation. Like Sandie says. I think it's true too. Just never know who knows whom.

  4. Sandie, I ALWAYS behave myelf !! LOL

    Kyra, Never boondocked in those States. Arizona seems to be the State to boondock in because of so much desert (BLM) land.

    To get Bennie across the Border (although they only asked once for his papers) is a certificate of his shots. ie. rabies

  5. Bennie doesn't look very happy, it's fun to meet up with old friends. Enjoy your boondocking.

  6. Time to give our pups a bath too although the desert dust will be on them very quickly.

    Your sneak peak looks like a pretty nice spot!

  7. Rick, I just HAD to bath Bennie - knowing really it was a complete waste of time. He was filthy again within minutes of going outside. Oh well !

  8. I LOVE the photos of Bennie after his bath. Why do they hate their baths so much? Looks like he just lost his best friend. He's such a little cutie!

    I have to admit, I'm looking forward to having hookups in February. This rig will go through a total cleaning then. It's so dusty now - ugg! I find myself wiping dust and dog hair with my sweatshirt sleeves as I walk by in between vacuuming/cleaning days. :)

  9. While boondocking in the desert I just have to accept the dust ! You could be cleaning every day otherwise.

  10. Keep us updated where you're mystery destination is!

  11. Water! I love lakes, ponds, rivers and the ocean. That is a very pretty lake. Can't wait to find out where it is.
    Bennie is so adorable. Fred isn't to bad about a bath and he knows how to get even. As soon as we get outside he rolls in the dirt. :)