Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Yesterday I decided to install the two roof vents I got.  Got everything ready and up/down on the ladder several times to bring everything up there.  I think I had every tool I own up there – just in case.


Although the installation is painfully simple it still took me awhile to figure it out.  I had read the instructions plus watched a video of the install on YOU TUBE.

There is a ‘special’ kind of vent cover you are supposed to use if your vent has a fan in it – which both of mine do.  This ‘special’ vent cover is more than triple the price of a regular one.  But the guy at Camping World said I really didn’t have to spend all that extra money if I didn’t need the vent fully opened – which I don’t.  So he said the kind I got was fine.

I quickly learned why a ‘special’ one was needed.  There are screws you put through the bracket to hold it to the vent frame and with the fan there – well you just can’t get to the inside to place the washer and tighten the little nut.  I found that out AFTER I drilled the holes !!


I was NOT a happy camper as I had purchased one vent cover at some Camping World (didn’t keep the receipt !!) on my way South and the other one at the Flea Market the other day (no returns !!). hmmmmm,  Perhaps if I take out the fan it will work ??

And that’s what I did and VOILA it worked !  But I needed an extra set of hands now……One up on the roof where the screw part was and one inside to put the little washer and nut on and hold it while tightening.  Jamie to the rescue !!!

Job done !  That one took several hours (for a 5 minute job) !! 


While I was up on the roof I took a few pics of Jamie, Linda and Brandy decorating their site – well Linda was the only one doing the work.  Linda had been to Wally’s and bought a ton of stuff !!


I thought the little candy cane solar lights were so cute.


I also took a little aerial view of where I am now – boondocking just outside of Yuma. The noise in this video is the wind.

Despite the fact it was getting late in the day I figured I might as well put the other one on as I had everything out already.  This one really did take only 5 minutes as this time I actually knew what I was doing.


All vents are now covered and THANKS to Jamie for his help !!


Heading to Gila Bend tomorrow as an old friend and her husband are going to be in Phoenix this week and she wants to connect with me.  Really looking forward to that.


  1. I hope you meant you just had to remove the fan temporarily and then put it back in once the cover was on. Sure wouldn't want to lose any fans.

  2. I was thinking the same thing, longdog. Sassy, you're braver than I am.

    Speaking of Wally World, I don't know if you have access to the news, but there's some nut putting syringes in the pockets of clothing here. It's one of those things that I'm sure will be copied by every nut on the planet.

  3. I'm so proud of you. I wouldn't go up on that roof even if you paid me. way to go. LMJ

  4. Longdogs2, All I had to do was take out a couple of screws (from the inside)and then the fan hung in the air by the wires. That allowed me access to the inside vent frame to secure the bracket to the frame.

    Fans were not 'removed' as such and are now back in place.

  5. Good job on installing the vent covers. Like you say, they are pretty simple but very tricky with hard to get at screws and stuff. I had the RV techs install ours when we bought our new 5'er!

  6. Nice job. Nope no going on the roof for me. When I bought my rig a friend came along with me, she asked how the roof looked? I replied by shrugging my shoulders. So she climbed up there and checked it out. Luckily all was in good shape.

  7. That's so cool you installed those covers yourself. I had three installed in Oregon, and paid the labor rate of $90/hour. It's really nice not having to worry about whether I remembered to close the vents on the road, and you can keep them open in the rain. (I DO always close the vents, or if I forget, at the first stop on the road - otherwise you can hear the wind.)

    Sounds like you're keeping busy! :)

  8. Barbara, Ya OUCH on that labour rate ! And they probably charged an hour to install each one when it really is 5 minutes - when you know what you are doing.

    I am forever forgetting to close mine - especially in the garage so now I don't have to worry about it.