Sunday, December 25, 2011


What a gorgeous, sunny day it was.  Jamie and ‘Mudder’ decided to open their presents outside.


Brandy got the most presents I think and she very quickly got into them…


OK, So that was one, there’s more…


Next up was Jamie’s turn.  Seems Brandy was out shopping when no-one was looking buying gifts for ‘Dad' as there were several gifts for Jamie from Brandy from the Harley Davidson store…


‘Mudder’ also had a gift for Jamie – perhaps she was trying to give him a hint ???  I dunno ??

08Jamie saying “WTF am I supposed to do with that !!”

Now it’s ‘Mudder’s’ turn – I tell ya, the local Harley Store did well this year….


Despite the fact that I am a major HUM BUG when it comes to Christmas, my little boy isn’t !!!  Jamie & ‘Mudder’ didn’t leave him out.  He got treats and a new squeaky – which was a BIG HIT !!  Unlike his new best friend, Brandy, he wasn’t interested in ripping the paper off himself.  Mom to the rescue !!  Once that was done it was off to the races !!



After all that excitement Bennie and I had to go take a nap.  And look what we came out to just an hour later….


Yes Folks – on December 25th, 2011 in Yuma, Arizona it was that warm !  Gotta love it.

BTW, That is Jamie’s idea of ‘fishing’ – and NO he STILL didn’t catch anything – but Brandy was trying to do her part by helping….


That is one dirty, muddy little pup.  I warned Bennie not to go near the water and thank goodness he listened.

We capped off the day with another great camp fire….


With Bennie showing no improvement in liking this ‘outdoorsy’ stuff once the sun goes down….


Another great day in paradise !


  1. You are right ! Jealous.... shouldnt have looked at these pictures... sure makes me wonder what we are doing here in McNeal !!
    Enjoy !


  2. Looks like your Christmas was just like ours, can't beat the weather.

  3. What a great way to spend Christmas. We had lots of sunshine but the warmth hasn't quite moved up this way yet. And I felt too lousy to enjoy it. But I'm better today and ready for some sun.

  4. Brandy is such a good shopper! The Harley store must have been very happy to see you this year! Thanks for sharing your sunshine. We could sure use some up here in Oregon today.

  5. Bennie is so cute with his new squeaky toy. What a wonderful day we had weatherwise - so lucky.

    Yes, the moon did go down really fast, I was still trying to get a good photo when I realized half of it was hidden behind the mountain next to the big Q. That was it for the moonshots, but I did get two good ones.

    I'm glad you and Bennie and friends had a nice Christmas! See you soon!

  6. Looks like Bennie & Brandy are good friends. Ahhh, move over, I'm on the way! (ok, I can only wish that right now). Another chilly dreary day in Texas...again...Looks like ya'll had a fun Christmas!

  7. Look out Yuma, I will be there one day! Thanks Sassy and Bennie for sharing this with us!

  8. I hadn't realized how long its been since I made it to your blog.
    Seems you all had a wonderful Christmas day, with beautiful weather and fun things going on.
    If I had to leave that campground I would cry.
    Safe travels to the Q

  9. Looks like Brandy and Jamie and Linda are having fun...I'm Jamie's youngest daughter if you could let him know i say hi that'd be great! love all the pictures!