Monday, December 12, 2011


While I was at the RV Park in Gila Bend a rig parked next to me with these steps….


They appeared to be laid right over the existing steps.  I had not seen this before and thought it was a great idea.

When I left for Gila Bend the other day Jamie was off to get a fishing license.  With the license came a sheet of paper with fishing places in the area.  Jamie and Mudder (aka Linda) went to check out one place.  They found a GOLD MINE in the middle of the desert !! 

When I got back they, very excitedly, told me about it and on our way to the flea market, they took me by it.  Look at this place !!


A short video showing what a single pic cannot….

It is a FREE, 14 day limit, place to boondock and fish for those that like to fish.  And QUIET !!  It is gorgeous there.  And it appears to be quite unknown by the avid boondockers as there were only two smaller campers there.  Really looking forward to boondocking there for awhile.


In the meantime, another trip back to the Flea Market last Saturday was in order as we didn’t get to the last few rows last week. At the rate I’m going there simply won’t be another thing I’ll be looking for when I get back to Q


04NO – I didn’t buy it !!  LOL

I did get another flag for the holder I bought last week.  This is the American and Canadian Flag together and is known as the ‘friendship’ flag.


And I bought another chair.

Enjoying a hotdog and a beer (for Jamie & Mudder)


I just washed it down afterwards with a deeee-lish ice cream cone…..


I wanted to get out of the spot where I was because it was far too noisy for me – it is right by the I-95 and train tracks.  I headed to Ogilby Road while waiting for Jamie & Mudder to be ready to leave which will be within the next days.  We will then join up and boondock together again at the above lake.

Ogilby Road is a great spot to boondock and you can drive in quite far to get away from the road and enjoy complete peace and quiet.  Unfortunately for me, I like to stay close to the road so that I have less gravel to ride the bike over.  For those that like to hike ( I like to ‘stroll’ LOL) it is truly an awesome spot.

Being a female, solo, RV’er (and a complete WUSS !) I choose my spots carefully.  I’m not a person that requires ‘company’ and I don’t get lonely – sure glad for that.  But safety and feeling comfortable at night obviously are very important to me so I look for places where there are other people around – at least off in the distance.

Where I pulled in yesterday there were a group of 3 RV’ers together and another 5th wheeler off to themselves.  I parked a nice distance from them but felt safe because others were around.  The group of 3 pulled out this morning so now it’s only me and the 5th wheel people.  If they stay I’ll feel ok – but if they leave then I will have to also.

UPDATE:  The couple in the 5th wheel pulled out later in the morning so I had to move also.  Darn !!


  1. I'm a solo traveler also, so I wouldn't boondock in an area alone, either. I don't have a toad or a bike, so I would be in trouble if I was far from the road and my RV had engine problems. At least with 2 vehicles you would have a way out.

  2. Would that be Mittry lake you are referring to?

  3. Mickey, No it's not Mittry Lake. Checked that out and found it was too desolate for me.