Monday, November 14, 2011


YES, The mail I have been waiting on finally arrived today.  Filled out the forms, scanned them, put them in the envelope and they are ready to be mailed tomorrow.

AND tomorrow I will unhook and head to the Border.  Thankfully the Border crossing is only 5 minutes from here so if they don’t let me across I will simply turn around and come back here until the end of December as was originally planned.

So keep fingers, eyes, ears, nose and mouth crossed for me tomorrow !!

Here’s hoping my next post will be from somewhere in Washington State on my way to WARMTH !


  1. Everything crossed here for you! I envy you being in the state of Washington. Are you planning see Astoria and the Columbia River Gorge?

  2. Man, I can't cross anything else. Please please please be in Washington. Hope that helps.

  3. D......

    Safe travels......will be following you exploits and may head towards Texas after xmas......I can understand the pain that you are living with and pray that one day you will recover......


  4. All my good thoughts are heading up to you. And all my fingers and toes are crossed. Good luck! :)

  5. Good luck at the border---so you can head to the sun.

    Sure hope the pains you've had stay away !!!!

    Take care--& will be looking forward to seeing where your next post comes from.
    Lynn. Vancouver.

  6. Crossing all digits for your crossing. Here's hoping your crossing guards aren't cross.

  7. Good luck Buddy. lmj

  8. Good luck at the border and hoping to see your next post from Washington St.

  9. Hope you make it over the border. Then head south so you can lay in the nice warm sun and heal your shoulders. Sun is a good healer.